Rejoicing opens the door to your dreams.

Rejoicing is acting like you have the dream before you have it.  Rejoicing is thanking God for it before you have it.  Rejoicing frustrates the devil and confuses the demons on assignment to destroy you and your dreams.  Rejoicing is praising God for the answer before you have it.  Rejoicing is enjoying your dream before it is fulfilled.

Many years ago, I had a dream for an airplane.  I had been flying for a good while and I really wanted a plane of my own.  It was my dream.  Airplanes are very expensive and there was no way I could purchase one with my own financial resources.

But I wanted an airplane.  It was the desire of my heart.  It was my dream.  At this time in our Spiritual development, a powerful Faith Preacher came across out path.  He taught us to rejoice and praise God for our answer (dream) before we actually had it.

I decided to try what the Preacher taught.  I began to plan on my airplane.  If my plane was on the way, I wanted to be ready for it when it came, so I began to up-grade my flying skills.  I enrolled in a flight training program and began to work on an instrument rating.

As this was taking place (it took about a year), I decided to fly my plane before I had it.  My 1967 Chevrolet became my airplane.  Every time I drove it, I acted as if it were an airplane.  The dash board became an IFR panel… with all the latest electronic and navigational radios and equipment.

The steering wheel became the control yoke and the gas pedal became the throttle.  When I reached 60 miles per hour, I would pull back on the steering wheel and watch the instrument panel as I became “air born.”

I flew my Chevrolet for nearly two years when one day a businessman met me and said “I hear you are believing for an airplane….”  I said yes and I told him about flying my Chevrolet for two years.  He responded “OK, God told me to buy you one.  Go and pick it out and I will pay for it….”

My 1967 Chevrolet turned into a 6-place Cessna 206

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