Four Bible Principles that will Change Your Life

There are four primary Truths or Revelations that have brought me safely through every attempt of the devil to defeat and destroy me in over 60 years of Preaching the Gospel.  They have transformed my life and saved my ministry.    I am certain that a full and complete Revelation of these Truths will do for you what it has done for me.   Of all the information and revelation we have received over the years, I consider these the most important and the most life-changing.  I urge you to stay before God and in the Word until these same powerful Revelations are firmly and eternally planted in the deepest recesses of your spirit.  They will bring you into a new dimension of Spiritual Victory.

            First, Study the Word and meditate the Word until you receive a comprehensive Understanding of the Character and Nature of God.  Not only that there Is a God, but make it your quest to learn just what Kind of God God is.  His Heart.  His Nature.  His Character.  His Attributes.  How He thinks.  How He works.  What He does.  His Will.  His Thoughts.  Who He is.  Discover His Goodness.  His Mercy.  His Grace.  His Tolerance.  His Dream.  This One Truth can and will transform your Spiritual Life.  Scrap all the old doctrines and ideas that make God a God contrary to the God He Is.  Learn and come to know the God of the Bible.

            Next… number two… study the Word and meditate the Word until you receive a Revelation of the Power of the Word of God.   Attack the Word with your Faith and throw all reason aside.  Believe it.  Really Believe it.  Know it and speak it.  Meditate it. Stand on it.  Confess it.  Never doubt it and never neglect it.  See and understand what the Word has done and what it is Able to Do.  Stay before God until you come to realize the Power of the Word of God.  Saturate your mind and spirit with the Proof and Provisions God has given us in His Word. 

Number three… study the Word and meditate the Word until you come into a full and complete understanding of Faith.  What it is and what it does.  How it operates.  The place it holds in the heart of God and how it is essential if you and I are going to please Him.  Don’t allow the extremes you have heard about rob you of know the truth about faith.  Determine to live by faith.  Let Faith take you into the level of abundance God intends every Believer to experience.

            Again, fourth… study the Word and meditate the Word until you come into a comprehensive revelation of the Authority God has given to you as a believer.  The Authority of the Believer.  What God has provided for you through the Life, Death, Burial, Resurrection and Present-Day ministry of Jesus Christ.  Know Who you are and What you can do.  And then daily exercise this authority over all the powers of darkness and over every test, trial, and temptation. 

These have forever changed my life.  These are foundation blocks the Church is built upon.  All these have their origin in Jesus Christ.   He is the Chief Corner Stone and what we have is because of Him. 


… and having done all;  stand.  Eph 6:13 

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