Word for Today:  July 16

Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth…. Eph 4:25

Wherefore putting off the lie…

In these passages, Paul is speaking about the Believer.  He is talking about “putting off” and “putting on”.  This is an act of the human will.  We determine what we “put off” and what we “put on.”  We are to “put on” the New Man with all his privileges and provisions and we are to “put off” the old man with all his lack and need.

This speaks of personal action that issues forth from the human will.  You do it or you do not do it.  If you do it you get the results the Bible promises and if you do not do it you don’t.

There are two primary principles involved in living and not dying.  One is Truth and the other is “the lie”.  Operating in TRUTH results in LIFE.  Operating in “the lie” results in DEATH.  Jesus said:  “I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE…”  John 14:6.

In the 17th chapter of John, Jesus declared:

They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world (kosmos).  Sanctify them through thy Truth:  thy Word is Truth… (16-17).

Every man has the option of living by Truth or living by the Lie.  The Lie is from hell.  It is authored by satan.  It is the operating principle of the kingdom of darkness.  demons operate and function by the lie.  Everything in hell operates and functions by the lie.  Pain, lack, fear, sadness, depression, worry, sickness, disease, poverty, anxiety, stress, condemnation, guilt, dread, bondage, no hope, no joy, no happiness, no satisfaction, no purpose, misery, uncertainty, terror, death…. all these operate by the force of the lie.

And the Word commands us to

Put away the lie…

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