Word for Today:  July 15

Choices are important.

Your life and the lives of your family depend on what you choose and what you refuse.  Your future will be determined by what you choose and what you refuse today.

Your greatest responsibility is making right choices.  There are only two kinds of CHOICES before you: (1) Right ones (based on the Word) and (2) wrong ones (based on the world).

Right choices are choices that are made on the basis of God’s Word.  They are choices and commitments that are made in agreement with the Word of God.  These right choices are guarantees that God will work with you in accomplishing your dreams and goals in life.

When you make a right choice… one that is based on the Word, you make a connection with Deity and you are assured that no powers in hell or in earth will defeat you or stop you.  You are locked into success and blessing because you have made a choice that agrees with the will of God for you.

You have chosen life and refused death.  You have chosen blessing and you have refused cursing.

Wrong choices are choices that are made on the basis of the kosmos (world system) and on human reasoning apart from God.  The World System is the domain of the devil.  he is called the god of this world.  his kingdom is destined to failure and anything and everything connected with it will fail also.

Human reasoning, natural facts, sense knowledge, and an unrenewed mind are the elements that give birth to wrong choices.  Wood, hay and stubble are the results of wrong choices and gold, silver and precious stones are the results of making right choices. (1Cor 3:12-13)

Those who make right choices will succeed and live and those who make wrong choices will fail and self-destruct.

Every success is the result of making right choices.

Every failure is the result of making wrong choices.

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