He’s Waiting for You

Facing the dread of red tape and standing-in-line crowds to get a tag for my utility trailer at the County License Commissioner’s office, I left early, planning to spend most of the day in this mundane task.  Having put off this citizenry duty about as long as possible, I set out towing the trailer (it had to be inspected) to the designated office about 12 miles from the house.  

As soon as I arrived and got into the cue line for the paperwork, before I got to the window for the clerk to process the paperwork, a kind lady stepped up to me and inquired what I needed, took my credentials, and went to a window down the hall.  She returned and said, “Mr. Braswell, here is what you will  need, go to window 17 right now, he’s waiting for you.”  

The man at “window 17” took the papers, asked for my driver’s license, and said. “I see your driver’s license is about to expire, would you like to get it renewed while you are here?”  “Sure,” I replied.  He continued, “tell you what, why I am processing the tag for your utility trailer, I’ll take your driver’s license information over to the lady at window 8, she’s waiting for you.”

I walked to  window 8 and a sweet, born-again lady said, “Hello, Mr. Braswell, if you will step over in front of the camera, we’ll get your picture.”  In a few minutes she added, “Here is your temporary copy that will work till your hard copy comes in couple of weeks.”   “You know, God is Good!”  “Now if you will return to window 17, he’s waiting for you.”

Back at window 17, the man who was waiting for me, handed me the new tag, along with all the necessary stuff along with it and said, “Mr. Braswell, have a good day.”

I entered the office at 8:15 and walked out at 8:34… deal done.  Neatly planned and orchestrated by my Heavenly Father who was Waiting for Me.

Even the smallest things in life become exponentially great when you see

The Big Picture

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