When the Wall Came Down


When Communism collapsed in 1989 and the Berlin Wall came down, we were presented with an immediate opportunity to take the Gospel into Russia, the Ukraine and Siberia.  We connected with other Mission groups and began taking teams into Moscow and other locations in the old Soviet Empire.

We had the privilege of traveling into this fertile evangelistic field every 3 or 4 months with a team of 20 -30 church members to help plant and establish churches.  For nearly 70 years, people in that part of the world were deprived of the Word, forbidden to own Bibles and imprisoned if they were caught worshiping and having “church” anywhere but in the state operated Russian Orthodox Church. 

Our strategy was to connect with a local formerly “underground” minister, hold a crusade in his city, equip him with necessary tools (PA system, keyboards, instruments, etc.) and leave him with an established church to disciple new converts. 

There were “cultural halls” in most cities that were used by the Communists to propagate their political agenda and they were available for rent. Some would seat 800 or so, and others up to 2000 people.   We would take thousands of New Testaments in the Russian language for free distribution and then advertise the meeting.  The meeting would begin at seven, and hundreds would be lined up to rush into the hall when we opened the doors.  It was almost a riot situation. 

In one such crusade, on the first night of the meeting, the hall was filled to capacity.  When we gave the invitation for people to come forward for salvation… every seat in the house was emptied.  Everyone there came up to pray the sinner’s prayer…. Approximately 1000 were saved in that one meeting. 

I had witnessed a miracle of the first order 

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