The Miracle in Santiago

One of the greatest illustrations of God’s Power being released through a supernatural visitation of the Holy Spirit happened to me back in the ’70’s.

I was invited to join a group of pastors and teachers who were asked to travel to Santiago, Chile for a nation-wide Bible Conference organized by the United Methodist Church. The purpose of the meetings was to encourage, teach and inspire Methodist Church officials and leaders regarding various doctrines including the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Conference was to take place in a large United Methodist seminary and we were offered their dormitories for our lodging and their classrooms for our teaching assignments. Each of us was given specific subjects to teach. My assignment was to teach on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This was primarily because our ministry in the States had recently become actively involved in the Neo-Pentecostal Charismatic movement which was exploding across our country.

Our first team meeting was held in a large conference hall where we were each assigned the specific classroom our class would meet in and where our English to Spanish translator would join us.

When I arrived at the room I had been assigned, there was a group of approximately 25-30 men and women there. These were the elite leaders of various Methodist Churches in Chile. Some were professional educators, lawyers, and doctors as well as some who were non-professional but influential individuals in denominational leadership.

Everything seemed to be in order, but my translator was nowhere to be found. He failed to show up. It was quite embarrassing as I stood in front the class and they patiently waited for me to speak. It was absolutely impossible for me to intelligently communicate with them. And they were in the same predicament. I tried to explain the situation through gestures and body language, but that didn’t work and the waiting (and the silence) created a very tense atmosphere.

Then I got mad.

Mad at the devil who was causing such an impossible situation. I was convinced God had led me there and He had a job for me to do. But the enemy was attempting to destroy what God had in mind for these spiritually hungry Methodists.

In utter frustration, I began to speak to them forcefully in my Prayer Language. I did this for several minutes and the urgency and intensity increased. Suddenly, the room was filled with the Presence and Power of God.

Their reaction was one I will never forget. At first it was confusion. And shock. Then it subtly changed into expressions of understanding and comprehension. Then it erupted in praise and rejoicing. They all stood to their feet with uplifted hands and with tears of gratitude, began worshipping God in their Personal Prayer Language which they had just discovered and received.

The Interpretation God gave them was supernatural. Those hungry-hearted Methodists heard and understood, in Spanish, what I was preaching to them in my Prayer Language. They later told me (through the interpreter who finally arrived) that God gave them detailed instruction on how to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

And they all did.

It was a Miracle like Acts, Chapter 2.

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