Word for Today:  November 3

Jesus is not Who most people think He is.

I have tried to notice some characteristics in the Life of Jesus that probably would not be accepted in the life of any preacher in our society today.

  • He was Radical.
  • He was Outspoken. He pulled no punches.  He shot straight and true.  He did not “beat around the bush.”
  • He was transparent. Who you saw was Who He was.  No pretense.  No hypocrisy.  No make-believe.  No disguise.
  • He was non- religious. He did not run with the ministerial crowd.
  • He was fearless.   He did not mince His words.  He did right with no fear of possible consequences.
  • He was an iconoclast. A Non-conformist.  He kicked over sacred cows.  He violated traditions and He shattered customs.  To the religious world, He was a troublemaker.
  • He was controversial. He took sides with the underdog and He challenged the respected.  He fellowshipped with the sinner and the profane.
  • He embraced the simple and rejected the complicated.
  • He spoke so little children could understand and confounded the wise with Wisdom and Truth.
  • He was Uncompromising. Even when He could have won friends in high places and ultimately saved His own life, He refused to compromise.
  • He was Anointed. And this is what drove Him to the Cross… His Anointing.  He was and is “The Anointed One.”  The Messiah.  The Christ.

He is the Christ.  The Son of the Most High God.  The King of kings and the Lord of lords.  The Alpha and the Omega.  The First and the Last.  The Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley.  He is the Bright and Morning Star.  He is the I AM.

And He is Lord of all

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