“But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the Power of God, and the Wisdom of God…”   (I Cor 1:24)

Rom. 1:16  “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it (the Gospel) is the Power of God unto Salvation…” Jesus is the Gospel.  Jesus is the Power of God.  Jesus is the Way of Salvation. 

Everything that WORKS must have a SOURCE OF POWER to make it work.  Nothing works without a source of Power or Energy.  The HUMAN BODY must have nourishment or food to maintain its power to survive.  AUTOMOBILES and motor-driven vehicles must have gasoline or diesel to run.  ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES and equipment must have electricity to function.  EVERYTHING THAT WORKS must have a SOURCE of POWER to work.  Nothing can survive without a source of power.  Without a source of power, death sets in and soon overcomes.  We must have POWER.  The Church must have POWER.  Jesus recognized this fact when He instructed them to tarry in Jerusalem until they were indued with Power from on High.  JESUS IS THE POWER OF GOD.

God wants you to have POWER in your life.  He has fixed it so that you can have POWER in your life.  His POWER is available, ready, and able.  His POWER will get you healed, keep you healed, set you free, keep you free, lift you out of the pit and keep you out of the pit, save your family, your marriage, your business, establish you and keep you.  His POWER will cause you to REIGN in life and RULE over demons.  His POWER will get you victory and keep you victorious.  It will make you the VICTOR and keep you from being the victim.  GOD’ POWER is your answer.   The answer comes out of POWER.  Find where the POWER is and you have found where the ANSWER is.

You know that you need God’s Power in your life.  You want God’s Power in your life. There are some things you want to do and you know you cannot do them without God’s Power operating in your life.  For example: 

(1) You desperately want POWER over sin and temptation. 

(2) POWER over being shy, timid, and introverted. 

(3) POWER over feeling bad… sickness… weakness… power over disease. 

(4) POWER over worry, fear, and anxiety. 

(5) POWER over wrong attitudes…. unforgiveness and bitterness, jealousy, greed, criticism, and judgment 

(6) POWER over your mind and your thought life and your imaginations  (7) POWER over the appetites and lusts of your flesh 

(8) POWER over poverty and lack and need and being broke all the time  

(9) POWER over your anger, your temper, your impatience, your meanness

(10) POWER over alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, tobacco, gluttony

(11) POWER over your unclean mind and your unclean mouth

(12) POWER over the devil and demons

You KNOW you need POWER.  You know where you need POWER and you know why your need POWER. You know that GOD’S POWER will set you free and that you can do nothing without HIS POWER.  You want HIS POWER and you want HIS POWER NOW.  You are tired of waiting and procrastinating. You have intended to do something about your situation for a long time.  You have tried books, tapes, rules, regulations, and formulas… you have listened to preachers and gone to church… but you have never received GOD’S POWER in your life.  You have decided to GET IT TODAY.

To get God’s Power, and get God’s Power working for you, you need to know (1) What it is  (2) Where it is  (3) How to get it and (4) What to do with it.



God’s POWER is not of this world and does not operate by the laws of this world.  All power on earth is inferior to GOD’S POWER.  “There is no POWER but of God…”  (Rom 13:1)  Nothing is higher than God’s Power.  All energy and all force and all power on earth is inferior to God’s Power. 

GOD’S POWER comes out of HIS NATURE.  He is POWER and He has POWER because He is GOD.  One of His Attributes is OMNIPOTENCE or the fact that He is and He has ALL POWER.  He is our ALL POWERFUL GOD.  His POWER makes HIM ADEQUATE and SUFFICIENT.  HIS POWER CAN DO ALL THINGS… Meet all needs… (according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus)… supply every lack… conquer every foe… defeat every devil.   His POWER is





God’s Power is in JESUS. 

“But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the Power of God…”  (I Cor 1:24)

“And Jesus came and spake unto them saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth…”  (Mat 28:18)

“For without me ye can do nothing…”  (John 15:5  “However, apart from me– cut off from vital union with me– you can do nothing…”  (AMP)

“Christ in you the Hope of Glory…”  (Col 1:27)

Jesus not only HAS POWER…. Jesus IS POWER.  Wherever Jesus is…. POWER IS.  If you can locate Jesus you can locate GOD’S POWER and GOD’S ABILITY.    Jesus is the POWER OF GOD. 

This is why JESUS is so essential… all Power is in Him.  This is why we must Look unto Jesus… our power and our success and our victory comes out of HIM.  The victory is in HIM.    “But as many as received Him to them gave He power to become the sons of God…”  (John 1:12)

Jesus has ALL POWER.  Power over all demons and all devils.  Power over all sickness and all disease.  Power over all poverty and all lack.  Power over all failures and all frustrations.  Power to save and power to keep.  Power to set free and power to keep free.  Power to raise up and power to put down.  Power to drive back all darkness and all weakness.  Jesus IS POWER.  Where every you are lacking… JESUS is the POWER for your ANSWER.  Power over drugs and power over drink.  Power over flesh and power over mind.  Power over sin and power over habit.  Your answer is in HIM.  Jesus is not ONLY LORD He is YOUR ANSWER.

1.  See your problem… admit it… repent from it.

2.  Turn to JESUS and give HIM control over the situation.

3.  Trust HIM to see you through.    REST in HIS ABILITY.


Refuse to take it back and “work things out” after you have given it to JESUS.


Get saved… get really saved.  Get saved and KNOW IT.  Get saved and SHOW IT.  If ALL POWER is in JESUS you must GET HIM IN YOU to get GOD’S POWER IN YOU.  It is a simple act of your PERSONAL FAITH in really BELIEVING what GOD SAYS IN HIS WORD. 

The BAPTISM in the HOLY SPIRIT is really releasing the POWER that is already in you by faith.  It is RELEASING the POWER OF GOD (which is JESUS) who is already in you.  Have you ever prayed and asked JESUS (the POWER OF GOD) to come into your heart?  Did you mean it?  Did you stick

with it?  Did you really believe it?  Did you experience the NEW BIRTH and do you still HAVE IT?  If you have never asked the POWER OF GOD (JESUS) to come into your life will you do it right now?  “For whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord (JESUS) shall be saved…”  (Rom 10:13).  Stand to your feet right now and let’s get GOD’S POWER IN YOU.  You cannot release GOD’S POWER if GOD’S POWER is not in you.  You can’t get the ANSWER OUT if you don’t have the ANSWER IN YOU.  Pray RIGHT NOW.!


God’s Power will do for you what God will do for you.  It will bring God on the scene and Jesus on the scene and the Holy Ghost on the scene.  Focus GOD’S POWER on the point of your NEED.  Get JESUS to the problem and you will have NO PROBLEM.  Jesus is GOD’S SUPPLY for all your NEED.  “My God shall supply all your need according to His Riches in Glory BY CHRIST JESUS…”  (Phil 4:19)  Where are HIS RICHES?  IN GLORY BY (through) CHRIST JESUS. 

1. Attack demons and devils

2. Drive out sickness and disease

3. Quit running and start attacking

4. Do what Jesus would do

5. Rise up and BE BIG 

6. Attempt the impossible

7. Dare to take nations for God

                         JESUS CHRIST IS THE POWER OF GOD

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