Breaking the Spirit of Poverty


1.  God is a GIVING GOD.  He is a GOOD GOD.  He does GOOD THINGS.  He can do no evil (poverty is evil).  He is a FATHER, He is a LOVER, and He is a GIVER… His actions respond accordingly.  It is the devil who is the thief, who comes to steal, kill, and destroy… not GOD..  Do not confuse what God does with what the devil does..  We must understand the BASIC NATURE of God is we are to come into PROSPERITY and FINANCIAL BLESSING.  Most theology complicates God.  Jesus came to SIMPLIFY HIM.. 

2.  The KINGDOM of GOD is a KINGDOM OF SUCCESS and PROSPERITY.  The Church is a PREVAILING CHURCH and not a succumbing church.  Since the Kingdom of God is PEOPLE, Kingdom People are to possess the same characteristics that the Kingdom Possesses… SUCCESS… PROSPERITY… VICTORY… STRENGTH… WEALTH… HEALTH… INCREASE… POWER…

Paul declares that Kingdom People are JOINT HEIRS with CHRIST.  This means that we are “equal-sharers” with Jesus of all that HE OWNS.. 

The Kingdoms of this world will soon become the kingdoms of our God and of His Christ and we will rule with Him for ever and ever… We will oversee and supervise the Work of God on this earth and we will reign with Him..

3.  The PROMISES of the WORD regarding PROSPERITY  (See Scriptures)

4. The BIBLE TRUTH of SELF-WORTH.  You are SOMEBODY not NOBODY..  Kingdom People must understand the principle of SELF-WORTH.  If God takes notice of every sparrow that falls to the earth… surely He cares for and notices those who are created in His Own Image..

Inferiority… weakness complex… rejection… guilt… condemnation… sin con-

sciousness… unworthiness… all these sound righteous and religious, but they are foreign to the Bible concept of Self-Worth.  If you cannot value yourself (love yourself) you cannot come into Prosperity and Success.  What do you think of yourself?  Many are concerned about what others think.  What does GOD think of you??  What does the Word say???

5.  The “tense” of REDEMPTION.  “Christ HATH REDEEMED us from the curse of the law…”  (Gal. 3:13)

(1) “Hath”  Redemption has already been provided and completed.  It is not conditional or “going to be” but it is NOW. 

(2) “Redeemed”  (ex-ag-or-ad’ zo)  “ransomed”  “rescued”  “purchased”  Action already taken place.

(3) “Curse”  the curse is threefold: (1) sin  (2) sickness  (3) poverty

We do not struggle and fight to get… we fight the good fight of FAITH to KEEP what GOD HAS ALREADY GIVEN..   If we are not enjoying prosperity it is because we have allowed satan, the thief to come in and steal it away from us.  (It may have happened to your parents and grandparents and  their poverty may have passed on down to you)  YOU CAN STOP IT..  You can take back all that the devil stole and seven times more…  You will if you act on this teaching and do what I tell you to do..


“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth…”  III John 2

“And He said unto them, take heed and beware of covetousness:  for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth…”  Luke 12:15

To understand what Bible Prosperity is,  we must first learn what Poverty is.   POVERTY is a spirit.  POVERTY is a demonic force.  POVERTY is a satanic spirit that STEALS, ROBS, and DESTROYS.  It takes away what God has given.  It causes CONDITIONS that are below those of ease and comfort in living.  It brings about WORRY and FRUSTRATION.  It robs believers of peace, stability, and confidence.  It is NOT EASY when there are more BILLS coming in than there is MONEY to PAY THEM..  POVERTY creates PRESSURES:  Physical– Mental– Emotional.  Most FAMILY PROBLEMS are stem from FINANCIAL PRESSURES.


Prosperity is not MATERIALISM.  Prosperity is more than having money and things.  Prosperity is more than possessing wealth and riches.  Prosperity is more than being able to pay your bills.  Kingdom Prosperity is much more INCLUSIVE than materialism..  There are four areas in which God promises prosperity for His People:

(1) God promises Prosperity in the PHYSICAL REALM.  This means that God has continually provided  health and strength for you… ALL THE TIME..  If we prosperity physically, then we live above sickness, disease, and weakness.  God’s Word promises PERPETUAL HEALTH and SOUNDNESS of BODY and MIND.  That is PROSPERITY.

(2) God promises Prosperity in the MENTAL REALM.  God promises us the ability to live above Fear, Anxiety, Worry, Depression, Despondency, Despair, Anguish.  We can possess the Mind of Christ.  We can Think God’s Thoughts and Dream God’s Dreams..  Unhappiness, boredom, dread, sadness, and unchecked grief are all a part of the curse and the curse has been cancelled..  Hallelujah..

(3) God promises Prosperity in the SPIRITUAL REALM.  God wants you to grow and mature and develop Spiritually.  He wants you to hear the Word and receive the Word  and feed on the Word..  He wants you to conform more and more to the Image of His Son Jesus Christ..  He wants your Spiritual Man to dominate and control your Mind and your Body.  If we Live on and by the Word we will prosper Spiritually..

(4) God promises Prosperity in the FINANCIAL REALM.  God wants His People to possess enough money to pay their Legitimate Debts and have sufficient reserve to give generously and regularly and cheerfully into the Kingdom of God..  Giving is activating one of the Basic Characteristics of the Nature of God that is in every Believer..  “For God so loved, He GAVE…”  Financial prosperity carries two very important qualifications:  (1) Responsibility to man and (2) Accountability to God.


Where do we start?  Why are some who are in the Kingdom not prospering?  Why are many of God’s Own People in financial need?  Poverty is a curse and should never be considered a virtue..  If God wants us to prosper, then why are some Believers living in lack?  Remember: POVERTY in any of the four realm we mentioned (physical, mental, spiritual, financial) just “doesn’t happen”… IT IS CAUSED..

A.  We Begin through KNOWLEDGE.  (“Information”)  We MUST KNOW what GOD HAS PROVIDED for us and WHAT GOD WANTS for us.  We make this discovery through the study of God’s Word. 

If God wants us to Prosper and Wills for us to Prosper and has made a way for us to Prosper THEN WE SHOULD PROSPER..  If we are not PROSPERING then SOMETHING is causing our poverty.

(1) Some are poor because God cannot trust them with finances.  (They would “eat the fish.”)  Some will never be rich and prosperous because the first thing they would do with a windfall financial blessing would be to rush out and spend it on themselves..  New cars… homes… boats… vacations… clothes… things…  God wants us to FINANCE THE PREACHING OF THE GOSPEL…

(2) Some are poor because they are Spiritually Ignorant.  (They do not know “how to fish.”)   They are  not aware of the Will of God or the Ways of

God or the Word of God.  They have been influenced by years and years of faulty denominational  or doctrinal  teaching that does not line up with the Word.  They are victims of RELIGION..  They REFUSE to get out from under the ministries that major on doubt and unbelief.

(3) Some are poor because of carelessness and bad financial habits.  (“They  have holes in their nets.”) According to the Bible, here are the root causes of poverty:

     a. Laziness—————————– Proverbs 6:10-11

     b. Dishonesty————————– Proverbs 10:2,4

     c. Lack of Ambition——————– Proverbs 12:11

     d. Selfishness————————– Proverbs 19:17

     e. Unwise Spending——————– Proverbs 32:16

     f. Gluttony and Drunkenness———– Proverbs 23:21

     g. Stubbornness and lack of Discipline–Proverbs 13:18

(4) Some are poor because they disregard the TITHE.  (“They are stubborn..)  God instituted the TITHE (one tenth of all our increase) not because He needed it but as an invitation for His People to become partners with Him.  Malachi called withholding the tithe as STEALING FROM GOD.  (Many are living in houses that were bought with God’s Money and ride in cars that were purchased with God’s Money).  When Believers (regardless of their circumstances) withhold the tithe, they rob themselves of God’s Blessings and Poverty is the result.

B.  We Begin THROUGH ACTING ON WHAT WE KNOW.  “Faith without works (corresponding action) is DEAD…”  KNOWLEDGE without ACTION = DEAD FAITH..  KNOWLEDGE with CORRESPONDING ACTION =  LIVING FAITH.  To PROSPER it is necessary to DISCERN between the NATURAL way of LIFE and the SPIRITUAL way of LIFE.  Sometimes BIBLE PRINCIPLES will “overload” and “short circuit” your Computer..  The WORLD says:  “Pay your way out of debt..”  The WORD SAYS: “Give your way out of debt..”  Everything in the Spiritual Realm is 180 degrees away from the Natural Realm..  “Die and you shall LIVE..”  “Surrender and you shall be FREE..”  “GIVE and you shall RECEIVE..”  “Humble yourself and you shall be EXALTED.. 

To OVERCOME and BREAK the Spirit of Poverty, you must ACT on WHAT YOU KNOW.  You know much more than you are acting on..  You Know more than you are DOING right now..  Couple your KNOWLEDGE with ACTION and you will release the flow of PROSPERITY in your life.  WISDOM is the PROPER USE of KNOWLEDGE..  If you KNOW IT then DO IT..  Don’t talk about it… look at it… consider it… think about it… DO IT…

C. We Begin Through MODIFYING our PRESENT SITUATION.  You may need to change some things and modify some situations in your life.  Notice the following:

     (1) Your attitude about DEBT and UNDISCIPLINED CREDIT may need to be changed..  Remember:  every BILL you pay is the RESULT of a DEBT YOU MADE..  Guard against excessive indebtedness..

           a. Excessive indebtedness can prevent people from serving the Lord.  “I can’t… I have too many bills to pay….”

          b. Excessive indebtedness causes DISCOURAGEMENT and DISTRESS.  Take a look at your payment books… 

         c. Excessive indebtedness can cause FAMILY PROBLEMS.  “We can’t afford to go out to eat….”  “Yes, but what about that fishing trip you took….”

    (2) Resist IRRESPONSIBLE SPENDING.  God entrusts us with resources and He expects us to be GOOD STEWARDS of what we have. 

          a. IMPULSE BUYING.  “Borrowing the money you don’t have to buy something you don’t need to impress a neighbor you don’t like.”

           b. CARELESS MANAGEMENT.  If you are going to be a good steward of your GOD-GIVEN resources, then DO NOT ASK WHERE THE MONEY WENT at the end of the month… rather, YOU TELL IT WHERE TO GO..

God’s Plan for Prosperity is not dependent on the economy of the world system.  God’s way is a BETTER WAY a HIGHER WAY and a SUCCESSFUL WAY.  His Way never fails..  It is not related to the value of the dollar or the balance of trade…  it is not affected by DEPRESSION, RECESSION, or INFLATION..  The realm of the SPIRITUAL is never effected by the realm of the NAUTURAL.  The realm of the SPIRITUAL always effects the realm of the NATURAL. 

PROSPERITY has been misunderstood and improperly taught.  Prosperity is not an END in itself… Prosperity is a BY PRODUCT.  Kingdom People do not become prosperous by seeking prosperity.  Kingdom People become prosperous as they continually SEEK GOD FIRST.  When we (the Body of Christ) get our PRIORITIES right, prosperity overtakes us.   Prosperity does not come by a FORMULA or a SET OF RULES or a SYSTEM of FINANCE.  However, prosperity is PREDICTABLE.  Prosperity is TANGEABLE.  Prosperity is SPIRITUAL.  Money and Wealth are not sin.  Having great financial resources does not necessarily mean that you are wicked or dishonest.  It is the “love of money” that is the root of all evil..  Many who are far from rich suffer from this sin..

The Church (Kingdom People) is coming into GREAT WEALTH.  This is the final break-through for us before the great end-time revival and restoration and renewal.  This teaching will help you to come into the place of understanding how to use GOD’S POWER to MEET EVERY NEED IN ALL REALMS OF LIFE..   

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