Word for Today:  February 21

Seems that everyone is interested in the harvest.

The masses are ready for the crops to come in.  They are hungry and weary.  The time for the increase is anxiously waited for.  Believers want the blessings of harvest.  They want crops.  They want fruit.  They want increase.  Unfortunately few are interested in Seed Time.

There will be no harvest if there has been no planting.  What we do with the seed determines what kind of harvest we will reap.  The seed amount determines the harvest amount.  The more seed the more harvest.  The less seed the smaller the harvest.  The seed we plant determines the harvest we reap.

There is a Bible Principle that is very important when we consider the harvest we want.  Since most are interested in reaping an abundant harvest, it is important to understand that the harvest we reap will be according to the seed we plant.

Like begets like.  This is a principle that is built in and basic in all of Creation.  Like begets like.  Cows have cows.  Pigs have pigs.  Horses have horses.  Corn begets corn.  Peas beget peas.  Beans beget beans.  Like begets (produces) like.  Birds have birds.  Fish have fish.  Every kind of life begets the same kind of life.  The kind of seed you plant determines the kind of harvest you get.  When a farmer wants cotton, he plants cotton seed.  When a farmer wants beans he plants beans.  When a farmer wants potatoes, he plants potatoes.

Like begets like.

What crop do you want?

Then, what are you planting?

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