Word for Today:  March 9

Stand on the WORD.

Maintain your confidence in God’s Faithfulness.  God said it… That settles it.   God promised it and God will provide it.

Let God be true and every man a liar… Rom 3:4

Do not let the things which you have heard “slip”… resist falling back into unbelief and doubt.  Stand on the Word… no matter what.  “Having done all…. stand!”

Actively look for and seek places where you can prove God’s Word.  Hold forth the Word of Life.   Believe the Word by Acting on the Word.  Do the Word.  Speak the Word.  Honor the Word.  Obey the Word.

  • Resist compromise and cast out doubt.
  • Question your questions and doubt your doubts, but believe God’s word.
  • The Word is alive and filled with Power.
  • The Word will perform and accomplish that which God purposed it to accomplish.
  • The Word will not return void.

It will work.  Anytime.  Every time.  All the time.

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