The Miracle in the Ukraine

During the short season of our mission beginnings in the Old Soviet Union which was made possible through the collapse of Communism in 1989, we were blessed to take small groups of people with us into Russia to host meetings, evangelize, and plant churches.  God would guide us to some contact in a certain city or town who would cooperate with us in establishing such a ministry.  We would purchase a small but complete sound system, and often an electronic key board to give the new church a head start in their particular location. Then we would rent a cultural hall, which previously had been used by the Communist Party for their rallies, in which to have our meetings.  They were large enough to accommodate crowds of several hundred up to nearly a thousand.  We were blessed to make numerous such trips in the days shortly after the doors were open for the Gospel to be preached in Russia and God used these trips to build a strong mission foundation at Life Church.

One such meeting was held at Lugansk, in the Ukraine.

It was our passion to present the Gospel in the most excellent way possible, even with the disadvantages presented by our cultural and language differences.  This meant striving to have the best music and worship in the meetings in order to reach the cultured and talented Ukrainians as well as those who were laborers and, often, very poor. One of our translators who had been secured to work with us happened to be a brilliant young Jewish girl.  She had become a Believer through the ministry of a family from out church who had begun a mission ministry in the region.  We discovered that her Jewish father was a very influential leader of a symphony orchestra in Lugansk.

So, we decided to attempt the impossible.  That being to secure this symphony orchestra to lead our worship and praise in the meeting planned for the city.  You can imagine the “impossibility” of this endeavor which would be to get these talented, but unsaved musicians to learn the music and work with us to accompany the singing and worship of a Spirit-filled, full blown Gospel meeting.

At the rehearsals, it was soon apparent that our Symphony conductor was going to be a difficult person to work with.  He was not familiar with Christian protocol and was very stern and, often, impatient.  The members of the orchestra were also totally unfamiliar with the Christian “way” of doing things.  It appeared that we were rushing head-long into a monumental disaster.  And our dream of establishing a loving, caring and compassionate group of Ukrainian believers seemed to be just that, a dream, and not a reality.

One of the songs Pat had chosen for a worship song was very moving and emotional… and one of our favorites.  And this would be the pivotal point of a great miracle…..

“As the deer panteth for the water,

so my soul longeth after thee,

You alone are my heart’s desire

and I long to worship Thee…”

When the symphony leader and the musicians began to play this chorus and when the people began to sing, a supernatural Presence engulfed us all.  The power of God was so real… many began to weep.  And the leader of the symphony was included.

The Miracle of Lugansk was that our interpreter’s Jewish father, the cultured, educated, stern and influential leader of the symphony gave his heart to Jesus.

Following this initial Divine Intervention, some years later, the young girl and her entire Jewish family migrated to Israel… their  spiritual “home.”   Then she, now married and a mom, along with her husband planted a strong Messianic Believer’s ministry, consisting of several churches, in northern Israel which is now thriving and assisting in the relocation of Jewish refugees returning to Israel from all over the world.

Never underestimate the Power and the Plan of the Holy Spirit.

Psalm 42:

1 As the deer panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.

2 My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God:…

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