The RESURRECTION of JESUS CHRIST from the dead is the GREATEST EVENT in HUMAN HISTORY.  Nothing is more encouraging or strengthening to the Believer than the fact that JESUS IS ALIVE.  On this day believers all over the earth are gathered together to CELEBRATE and COMMORATE the GREATEST VICTORY in CREATION.  Even the doubter and the unbeliever and the skeptic and the agnostic and the atheist are forced to CONSIDER THE RESURRECITON of JESUS because the WHOLE EARTH pauses to recognize this significant day.  HE IS ALIVE.  And He Lives in the heart of every believer. 

1. Sin brought DEATH to man’s spirit

2. Sin brought SEPARATION from man’s Creator

3. Sin brought a Curse upon man and creation

1. JESUS came that we might be MADE ALIVE IN OUR SPIRIT

2. JESUS came that we might be RECONCILED to GOD

3. JESUS came that we might be REDEEMED from the CURSE   

JESUS CAME to UNDO what satan did in Adam and to fix the human race so that it could be exactly WHAT and WHO GOD CREATED IT TO BE.  (We are coming into that today.)  This has been a “mystery” through the ages, but today it is being REVEALED and UNVEILED.  The Same Spirit that Raised Christ from the dead is DWELLING IN EVERY BELIEVER.


     What God did in CHRIST is greater than what satan did in Adam.                           

     The Glory of the Latter is greater than the glory of the former.

     Where sin abounded…. Grace did much more abound.

That which is emerging in the earth today is the GREATEST WORK GOD HAS EVER DONE IN MAN.  The Church is becoming infused with RESURRECTION POWER and performing the WORK of the RESURRECTED CHRIST..  It may seem small… but it is no small thing.  It may look insignificant… but it is the final and concluding and perfecting work of our God in the BODY OF CHRIST.  It is happening TODAY and it is happening HERE.  It is happening in this hour because the TIME IS SHORT.  (Much shorter than the world thinks).

On the day of Pentecost, men were AMAZED.  During the Life of Jesus, men were AMAZED.  In the OT men were AMAZED.  AMAZEMENT is a characteristic of the Power of God.  God’s Power is AMAZING.

Men were AMAZED at Jesus.  They were AMAZED at HIS ABILITY… HIS AUTHORITY… HIS POWER.  They were AMAZED at what He did and how He did it.  They were AMAZED because He was DIFFERENT.  He did not fit in the RELIGIOUS MOLDS of the day.  He acted DIFFERENTLY… TALKED DIFFERENTLY… THOUGHT DIFFERENTLY… LIVED DIFFERENTLY.  He did DIFFERENT and UNUSTAL THINGS:

     1. HE spoke to a storm

     2. HE made mud out of spit and rubbed it in a blind man’s eyes

     3. HE talked to devils and demons

     4. HE broke religious tradition and shattered dead doctrines

     5. HE made friends with Gentiles and forgave sinners, tax gatherers,

         adulterers, murderers and prostitutes.

     6. HE raised dead people…

     7. HE got money out of a fish’s mouth… cleansed the untouchables (lepers)… and called things that were not as though they were… fixed broken homes and destroyed satan’s strongholds.

JESUS came to earth as the LAMB OF GOD  (John 1:29)

HE humbled Himself and took the form of a SERVANT

HE emptied Himself of His God-Characteristics and Power

HE accepted the LIMITATIONS of human flesh

HE died as the Lamb of God and as the Son of Man

HE went into hell and faced-off with satan

HE conquered hell, death and the grave.


HE AROSE CLOTHED in OMNIPOTENCE and FILLED with all the glory He shared with the FATHER from the BEGINNING.

“The God-Forsaken Son Who died in shame and sorrow on the cross AROSE the LORD GOD OMNIPOTENT WHO REIGNETH FOR EVER AND EVER.”



And we live in the authority and ability of RESURRECTION POWER.  Our mortal bodies have been QUICKENED with the SUPERNATURAL OVERCOMING RESURRECTION POWER of the Risen Jesus.

We Live as a NEW CREATION.  A New Race.   A New Breed.  A New Species.  We are infused with LIFE (ZOE) and we exercise power and authority over demons and devils and sickness and death.  We are a RACE of men and women FILLED with the HOLY GHOST and POWER.

2.  satan IS DEFEATED

All the demon forces were dethroned at the resurrection of Jesus.  he is still stripped of his power and authority.  The Resurrection of Jesus is the FINAL and AUTHORATIVE PROOF that satan is defeated and hell is powerless.

We have been redeemed from the curse and from satan’s dominion and we have legally become the Masters of satan and all his demons.  Because JESUS LIVES You have POWER over devils. You can CAST OUT devils.  You can HEAL THE SICK.  YOU can OVERCOME POVERTY and DISTRESS and PAIN and NEED. 

3.  The CHURCH will PREVAIL.

The Body of Christ will never fail and it (we) will ALWAYS PREVAIL.  The Church is GUARANTEED VICTORY.  EVERYTIME and ALL THE TIME.  No enemy shall successfully come against us and NO WEAPON that is formed against us shall prosper.  Jesus declared that  “the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church…”  Announce to all the powers of darkness that you will not slow up, back up, ease up, let up or give up.  We are here to REDEEM the LOST… to TRAIN and TEACH saints in spiritual warfare… To SET CAPTIVES FREE… to OVERTHROW satan’s kingdom and to prepare men for the return of JESUS.


No power apart from God’s Power can put you in victory and keep you in victory.  Your failures and disappointments come out of your weak human nature.  You can be infused with the very Nature of the Resurrected Jesus and enjoy the same victory over hell that He enjoyed.  “Because as He is, so are we in this world…”  (I John 4:17).  

 Most have no problem believing in a God Who lives in Heaven.  None would doubt His Power and Authority and Ability… However, the church has great difficulty in accepting the FACT of the INDWELLING CHRIST in the HEART of EVERY BELIEVER.  “HE’S IN THERE..”  He has been since the day you were Born Again and He delights in releasing His Power and Working His Work through you… It is CHRIST IN YOU that gives you the HOPE OF GLORY.  If you are “in Christ” you are a New Creation… Your body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost and it (your body) has been Quickened (made alive) by the same Spirit that Raised Christ from the Dead..

You are satan’s master and demons have no dominion over you or YOUR SEED.  You are EQUIPPED to do the WORK that JESUS did while He lived on earth and we are all commanded to DO IT.  We are not weak… helpless…. inadequate… unable.  WE are WINNERS because JESUS WON OVER DEATH.

I invite you to JOIN the COMPANY of the REDEEMED and participate in the BUILDING of the KINGDOM OF GOD here on EARTH.   

Have you? 

Will you?

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