Word for Today:  May 7

What is the truth about FAITH?

Probably nothing I have ever taught (except the Baptism of the Holy Spirit) has caused more persecution than what I have taught about faith.  It is so good, people have a hard time believing it.

Who hath believed our report?  Isa 53:1

What I learned about Faith has been one of the most liberating truths I have ever received.  The Revelation God gave me concerning Faith has been the mainstay of my life and ministry for more than a half century.

Over forty years ago (It’s 2018 as I write this), God began to speak to me about Faith.  As I received this revelation, I began to teach this truth and to lead the church of which I was pastor in the actual implementation of a Ministry that operated totally by Faith.

Not only were we blessed with a mighty increase, but our people moved into a new dimension of success and victory as they began to live and function by faith.  We had fewer people get sick.  We had more people move into prosperity.  We saw better kids, better jobs, better marriages, and better relationships.  A new wave of encouragement and determination swept through our congregation.  We had fewer deaths and fewer funerals.  As a matter of fact, we fenced off half of the old Church Cemetery and turned it into a parking lot… we needed more places to park cars than to bury people.

God challenged me (and my wife) to lead our family in living by faith.  God called us to set the example and to prove to everybody that He is able to supply every need… and to do so abundantly and supernaturally.  This continues to be a Faith ministry.  God has never failed us.  And He never will.

God honors Faith.  Faith pleases God.

Faith works

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