As a “Watchman on the Wall” (Isa 62:6) I am listing Biblical Signs of Recognizable apostasy

According to the First Chapter of Romans, the revelation of God, His Nature and Power, in Creation makes mankind “without excuse.”  And guilty.  Even apart from the Word, God’s Great Fiat of Creation reveals, without question or doubt, His Existence and His Laws for righteous living.   In relating to the trend of mankind’s failure to Know God,  the Apostle Paul lists stages of recognizable apostasy in Romans 1:21-32.  By exegesis from the original language, they are:

  • Failure to glorify God
  • Foolishly turning to reason
  • Unlawful and unnatural sex sin.  Homosexual.  Lesbianism.
  • Depravity. Iniquity. Criminal minded
  • Intense lust for material gain
  • Envy when others are blessed
  • Hate, Murder, Slaughter
  • Strife.  Contention. Argumentative. Variance from right and good
  • Lies. Subtility. Deceit
  • Carnally minded.  Evil habits
  • Secrecy. Accusative. Lying gossip
  • Slander. False witnesses
  • Despisers of God and Truth
  • Insolent. Hateful. Scorners of God
  • Selfish. Prideful. Self-esteem. Hedonism
  • Vain boasters.  Self-exaltation
  • Originators of evil.  Wickedness.  Immorality
  • Rebellious to parents.  Indifferent to rule and order
  • Stubborn. Incapable of understanding Spiritual things
  • Unfaithfulness. Immoral. Untrustworthy
  • Filled with desire for unnatural sex
  • Treaty breakers
  • Unforgiving. Pitiless. Unappeasable

These are the results of God giving mankind over to a reprobate mind.  Rom 1:28

Sound familiar?

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