Word for today: October 2

Faith and facts.

Truth, which is activated by Faith, is more powerful than Facts.  Facts are activated by reason.   Faith was present before Facts existed.  Faith gave birth to facts.  The Faith of God produced the Fact of Creation.  Faith always takes precedence over facts.  Truth has more power than Facts.  When the Word (Truth) is mixed with Faith it becomes Revelation.  It becomes Wisdom.  It becomes the primary force that functions in the Spiritual World.

Truth is Spiritual.  Facts are natural.  Truth is “unseen” Facts are “seen.”  Truth is understood by Faith, Facts are understood by Reason.  Truth is the functioning force in the unseen Spiritual World; Facts are the functioning force in the visible Natural World.  What we believe and how we believe determines which “World” we live in.

When we Believe with the Heart… we are making a decision to live by Faith.  By trusting God.  Living by Revelation.  By the Rhema Word.  By understanding.  By KNOWING.

This enables us to discern the difference between the Truth and Facts.  When facts contradict Truth we disregard the facts and choose to believe the Truth.  And we continue to believe the Truth until the Truth becomes a fact.

Faith creates facts

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