Bethlehem’s Babe

Jesus, the Promised One, came to earth in the most uncommon manner.  He was born into a poor family.  He was deprived of the privileges that Royalty usually enjoyed.  His nursery was a barn, His bed was a feed trough and his blankets were grave clothes.  His first visitors were farm animals and poor shepherds.  He came into the world and no one noticed.

As He grew in wisdom and stature, He lived among the poor and oppressed.  He was a carpenter… He worked with His hands.  Leaders ignored Him and religious people misunderstood Him.  He was befriended by the common people… the lepers looked for Him.  The blind called for Him.  The sinful sought Him.  The demon possessed cried out to Him.  The poor and forgotten and the hurting and the helpless received Him and Believed Him and Loved Him and Worshipped Him. 

Jesus was never popular with the Religious Crowd.  He was too radical and revolutionary.  He did not think like they thought, act like they acted or talk like they talked.  He broke tradition and challenged custom.  He did not fit into their mold.  He was Different.  An Iconoclast.

Jesus lived a life like no man had ever lived.  He loved His enemies.  He prayed for His critics.  He forgave His tormentors.  He took time for the little children and confounded the wisest of the wise.  He worked miracles.  He stopped storms.  He healed the sick, raised the dead and cast out devils.  He fed the hungry and visited the poor.  He would not bend to the opinions of men nor seek popularity by compromising His ministry.

He was faultlessly accused, illegally tried and wrongfully crucified.  He was guiltless.  He was sinless. He was the Epitome of Love.  Sacrifice.  Compassion.  Selflessness.  He was stripped of His dignity, shamefully scorned, and mercilessly scourged.  He was marched through heckling crowds and mocked by wearing a crown of thorns.  He was spat upon.  Cursed.  Abused and bruised.  But, the most unbearable pain He experienced was His annihilation and separation from His Heavenly Father.  He died.  Alone. A criminal’s death.  Becoming sin for you and me. 

That’s the Real Meaning of Christmas.

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