Word for Today:  December 3

Today thou shalt be with me in Paradise…  Luke 23:43

Here a guilty criminal simply asks Jesus to:  “Remember me when You come into your kingdom…”

  • He was not a “church” member.
  • He had not been baptized in water.
  • He had no character and no good reputation.
  • He had run with the wrong crowd.
  • He had broken the Law.
  • He had violated decency and destroyed that which was innocent and good.
  • He was guilty.
  • He was worthy of death.

And justice had caught up with him.

Now… this common criminal understood and received what the Jewish Nation and organized religion was blind to comprehend.  Jesus is no respecter of persons!  He loves criminals and drunks and prostitutes and homosexuals and thieves and robbers and murderers… He is color-blind!  He is LORD OF ALL!  He is compassionate and kind and loving and forgiving.  His kingdom is open and available to “whosoever shall call on the Name Jesus…”

How odd that God would choose a murderer as the initial trophy of Divine Grace… cleansed, restored and made acceptable by the Blood of Jesus.

“Grace, Grace, Marvelous Grace…”

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