Word for Today:  January 7

Go means go.

Go means to not stay.  Go means to not be still.  Go means to not retreat.  Go means to move.  God says go.  God is a Go God.  Not a stop God.  Not a stay God.  Not a retreat God, but a Go God.  Two-thirds of His name is GO.

Go means to do something.  Go means to start.  Go means to begin.  Go means get up.  Go means to move on.  Go means action.

You will have to have a special calling and a special revelation to stay because God has said “Go.”

If God says nothing, that does not mean stay.   He has already spoken and He has commanded us to GO.

He does not need to say it over and over again.

Let’s do this…

And he said unto them, Go…  Mark 16:15

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