Word for Today:  January 26

God Chose.

Man could never Know God unless God chose to reveal himself to man.

Our God so chose.  He wants us to KNOW HIM.  The real miracle of all ages is that God Revealed Himself to Man.  He continues to reveal Himself to us… we are continually discovering more about God and His Nature and His Redemptive Work and His Word and His Ways.

God reduced Himself to the common denominator of humanity so that we might know Him, love Him, be like Him and enjoy Him.

How can we find out about God?  How can we discover what God is really like?  Is our concept of God accurate?  Does what we know about God line up with the Word?  If God reveals Himself to man… how does He do it?

There are basically six ways God reveals Himself:

  • Through the Word.
  • Through JESUS CHRIST Who is the Perfect Revelation of God.
  • Through the Church: The Body of Christ.
  • Through miracles.
  • Through individual believers. Every Believer is a reflection of God to the world.
  • Through personal experience. How you experience Him in real life situations.

The fact that God, by and through His own Will, chose to reveal Himself to His Creation is a Miracle of the First Order and an indication of His immeasurable Love for you and me.

That I may know him…    Phil 3:10

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