Word for Today FEBRUARY 18

True Story

I was sitting at my desk one day many years ago and was speaking with a pouting, anger-filled husband and wife as they gave their marriage one last chance by agreeing to come into my office for counseling. 

I listened to their accusations against each other.  I heard their complaints and criticisms.  I really wondered if this marriage could ever be fixed. 

Then….God came into the room with us.  The atmosphere changed from North Pole frigid to tropical warm and cozy.  The icy remarks they were making trailed off.  Their smirks turned into soft smiles.  Their eyes locked on to each other and the tears began to pour.  Hallelujah. 

The Jesus Home Repair Service was at work in front of my eyes.  Jesus moved in their hearts.  They renewed their commitment to Christ and then pledged themselves again and renewed their vows right there in my office.  They embraced.  Kissed.  Smooched.  I was almost embarrassed.  They hurried away to be alone and Once Again enjoy the remarkable remaking of their marriage and home.   Don’t tell me He’s not Alive…

Only a Living Savior can perform such a miracle as this…

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