True Story

Over a half century ago, because of the Great Charismatic Controversy (the Baptism of the Holy Spirit), which I received and preached, my heart was troubled, because it seemed my Calling was going to fail, the church which I pastored was going to split, and I would be unable to continue in the ministry.  During this critical period, God gave to me a VERY SPECIAL PROMISE. 

This promise came from His Word, and this promise has KEPT our MINISTRY ALIVE through many years of attacks and satanic conflicts.  Every time it seemed that we are beyond recovery, every time it looked like the end, every time discouragement set in, every time we sank lower, programs failed, finances dried up, every time our dreams were dashed and hope was all but lost… GOD REMINDS ME of this Promise…  Listen:

 “Behold (second person, singular: “you behold…” the word means: look, see, know, be aware, understand, be sure) I have set before thee an open door (“a door standing open…” a continuing fact) and no man can shut it…” (Rev 3:8).

This OPEN DOOR has remained open, and it stands open today.  It is a door of opportunity.  It is a door of continual Word Ministry.  It is a door to our city, our state, this nation, to the islands of the sea and to the nations of this world. 

It is OPEN and God is keeping it that way.  In many years of trials, tests, afflictions and attacks NO MAN has been able to close it.  A major denomination could not.  Lawyers could not.  Crooks and con men could not.  Banks and bankers could not.  Angry and violent men could not.  Personal pain and vicious attacks on my family could not.  NO MAN has been able to shut the door and NO MAN will ever be able to shut the door.

Because of this OPEN DOOR, and because of the Promises of God in the past, and because of His Performance in our behalf and because of His Faithfulness over 55 years, God has challenged my heart to expect the remaining years of my life to see the further fulfillment of the Call and Commission He has given to me…  Because

God Keeps His Word

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