April 10

The scene in Heaven the day Jesus stepped down from His Exalted position in Obedience to His Father, and willingly vacated His God-Power, His God-Nature and His God-Position, would stagger the imagination of every human being who had ever lived.

I believe the Heavenly Choirs stopped singing.  The Heavenly Orchestras stopped their anthems.  The Heavenly praise dropped to a low and God Himself was stricken with a measure of sadness.  The lights were dimmed a bit and the heaven-inhabitants were moved into an emotional place they had never ever been in all eternity.

It was a New Day in Heaven.  Only God, by His Omniscience, knew how the scene would play out.

While Jesus fulfilled His Redemptive Work here, all heaven watched anxiously.  They saw Him in His prime and they witnessed the culmination of His earthly ministry…. His rejection.  His suffering.  His freely-given measureless love.  His abject Obedience.  And His untimely torture and crucifixion…  the shock resonated through the expanse of God’s Great Heaven.

Then:  the news came concerning the Victory of Jesus and the unconditional surrender of the powers of darkness in the bowels of the underworld.  Jesus stripped satan of his power and deprived demons of their authority and undid the sting of death and the conquest of the grave.  And leading a Great Easter Parade HE led those held captive in Paradise into a Glorious Entry into heaven.

Then:  Jesus, the Sinless Lamb of God, emerged from the grave as the LION of the Tribe of Judea, clothed in all the glory and power and splendor of the God Head.


The Heavenly Choirs began singing a New Song. The Heavenly Orchestras Played a New Anthem.  The Heavenly Praise rose to a New Crescendo and REJOICING reverberated throughout all the boundaries of God’s Great Heaven.

And the lights were bright once again.

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