Word for Today:  April 12

We win.

What can you believe God for?  What can you thank God for?  What can you see God doing for you TODAY?  That is exactly what you can receive and what you can have…   What can you trust God for?  What are you expecting?  What can you See with your Faith Eyes?  What can you have the courage to say with your mouth?

Most of what we pray and beg for, God has already given us.   God has already provided everything for us we will ever need.  Much of our seeking and searching is seeking and searching in vain because God has already given us what He has promised.    Just how big is that “land of promise?”  (Joshua 1)   What can you walk around?  What can you put the soles of your feet on?  What can you reach out for?  What can you declare as yours?

God has provided.  All our needs are met.  Not going to be, but already are.  Present tense.  All our diseases are healed.  All our enemies are defeated.  All our mountains are moved.   All our “giants” are slain.

Until we come to the full and complete realization that our enemy is a conquered enemy we will continue to waste our strength shadow boxing marching in place.  Know that you have but one enemy and Jesus has already taken care of him.   he is from a fallen kingdom and his allies are all helpless in the face of the weakest believer.

No man shall be able to stand before us.

No demon.

No circumstance.

No impossibility.

No door will remain closed.

No mountain will be unmoved.

No sickness can stay.

  • God is always for us.
  • God will never leave us.
  • God will never forsake us.
  • God will never fail us.
  • God will never fail you.
  • God’s Word will always work.

As long as God is God:  WE WIN

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