Word for Today:  May 1

It’s time.

“IT is finished!” It is done. It is settled. It is established. It is accomplished. It is MINE. God says so. The Word declares it. I believe it. Therefore I will be glad and rejoice in it. I will praise Him. I will worship Him. I will thank Him. I will show Him my appreciation.  It is Done.

Now, it’s time. It’s time for you and me to move out of our complacency and comfort and begin to take back what the devil has stolen. It is time for us to be aggressive. To be on the offense. Not the defense, but the offense. If we are satisfied to remain in our comfort zone… in the place we now are, we are turning our back on God.   We are limiting the Holy One of Israel.  We are slandering God and His divine purpose and plan for us.

Are you ready?

Will you demonstrate the Power and the Glory of God?  Will you do whatever it takes?

Where do you start?  Right where you are.  When do you start?


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