Heaven is a Place where we all want to go, but most do not know what we will find when we get there.  We have been exposed to some really weird ideas about Heaven.  (Puffy white clouds and robed individuals sitting on them and plucking harps.)  However, the Word is very plain in describing heaven.  It tells us what Heaven is like.  It tells us who is there.  It tells us what it is.  And It tells us how to get there. 

There are three heavens.  The First heaven is the sky where the clouds are.  The Second heaven is outer space where the planets and galaxies are.  The Third Heaven is where God’s Throne is and where God presently dwells.

The part of Heaven Believers will inhabit forever is a city.  It is a city located in the Larger Place called Heaven.  This City is filled with the glory of God and has an outward appearance of beauty and precision and wealth that has never been witnessed by humanity.  It has walls and gates.  And foundations comprised of precious jewels. It is the largest (1500 miles wide) and most elaborate city ever imagined by man.  It has a surrounding wall 200 feet high made of indescribable material that resembles precious stones.  The twelve gates in this great wall are made of solid pearl. The streets in this city are pure transparent gold… nothing like this has ever been seen by human eyes.  The glory of God is of such brilliance that the city has no need of the sun for light. 

There are pure, crystal-clear rivers flowing from the Throne of God and of the Lamb (Rev 22:1).   There are great Broadways proceeding from each of the four sides of God’s Throne.  On either side of these great golden broadways there are rows of Trees of Life which bear fruit each month.  There is no sickness, no disease and no death in Heaven…  Eternal Life will be enjoyed by every inhabitant. 

Conditions will exist eternally as they did before the curse caused by the rebellion of Lucifer and Adam.  The inhabitants of Heaven are the redeemed, the faithful angels and all of earth’s original creatures.  The lamb will lie down with the lion.  Death is abolished.  All animals will be herbivorous.   Those there will be allowed to see the Face of God.  His Name will be written on their foreheads and they will rule and assist God in the administration and affairs of all Creation.  They will live with God FOREVER. 

That’s where I’m headed…

What about you?

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