Word for Today:  March 10


What you expect is what you get.

“He that expecteth, getteth”…

What you PLAN ON is what usually happens.  If you are planning on a “rainy day” that is what you will normally get.  Expect the Impossible and the impossible can become possible.  What you desire you can acquire.

Put yourself in a position to allow God to do something big for you.  Live on the raw edge of total disaster.  Expect good things to happen.   Know that God will come to your rescue (When you are trusting Him and expecting Him to do what He promises.)

Resist the evil and the bad and the depressing.  Give no place to the devil…  Expect your situations to change when you believe God, apply Word principles and plan on them changing.

Never accept or put up with anything that does not line up with the WORD.


Anticipation leads to manifestation





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