Word for Today:  March 11


Tune in to God’s Word.

Turn on your Word Confession.  Act out the Word.  Hear the Word, Say the Word and Do the Word.  Do not listen to anything that does not agree with the Word… do not say anything that contradicts the Word and do not do anything that does not line up with the Word.

Tune out doubt.  Tune in Truth.  Seal your lips from death talk.  Make your mouth a fountain of LIFE.  Stop your ears to the natural and hear the Word only.  Govern your behavior and pattern your life by the Word.  Do the Word.  Act the Word.  Stand on the Word.  Say the Word.  Believe the Word.  Honor the Word.  Give the Word first place in your life. Rejoice.

Rejoicing always precedes receiving…  Do you need to receive?  Do you need a Miracle?  Do you need to accomplish the impossible?  Are you standing in an impossible place facing an impossible need looking at an impossible deadline?  Rejoice…  Shout…  Sing… Dance…  Run…  Leap…  Laugh…  Make a joyful noise…

Act like you’ve got what you are believing for before you get it.  When you act like you’ve got it before you get it, you confuse the devil. You release the impossible from the realm of the supernatural and bring it into the realm of the natural.


Be Radical for God

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