Message delivered April 19, 2002 at LIFE CHURCH 

Hag. 2:9   The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts.

Joel 3:16   The LORD also shall roar out of Zion, and utter his voice from Jerusalem; and the heavens and the earth shall shake: (undulate) but the LORD will be the hope of his people, and the strength of the children of Israel.

Soon, the one most significant event since Creation will occur on this planet.  Every nation and people and tongue will experience the impact of this Spiritual Happening.  It will be the last and the greatest Move of God on the earth before the Return of Jesus.  This “thing”, I believe, is will take place in our lifetime and be the last and greatest sweep of the Holy Ghost before Jesus returns.   It will be a shaking.  A global shaking.  A shaking in the heavens and a shaking in the earth.  As this shaking occurs…

  1. The attention of the whole world will be FOCUSED ON THE CHURCH.

Because the Church will finally and ultimately become what it was created to be.  No longer a wimpy, wrung-out, sissy, thumb-sucking baby… but an Army.  The Army of God.  The militant, turned-on, Holy Ghost-Filled, Sword wielding, Church of the Living God.  Not afraid.  Not ashamed.  Not timid.  Not weary and worn out.  Not broken down and bruised and bleeding.   Mighty.  Powerful.  Fearless.  Militant.  Courageous.

  1. Powerful empires in the earth will be shaken by internal strife, scandal and division.

Our own government as well as some of the most powerful political figures in this nation will not escape this shaking.  It will not only be a shaking but it will be shocking.   Kingdoms thought to be unshakable will stagger and reel under the mighty Hand of God.

  1. The powers of darkness will break forth in fresh waves of terror.

Great destruction and mass hysteria will come and many will be tempted to give up and fall away.  Nation will literally rise up against nation.  BUT… out of this conflict will come a great Spiritual Awakening that will surpass all Revivals in recorded history.   Sleeping Christians will be jolted awake.  LIFE will literally come forth out of death and influence every living creature on planet earth.

  1. Millions of people will be saved even more who have backslidden will be reclaimed…

This awesome event will happen almost instantly.  Overnight.  Everywhere.  All over the earth.  Downtown street curbs will become holy altars upon which sinners will kneel and pray and seek the Face of Almighty God.

  1. Great Wealth and Riches will be brought into the Re-Born Church

(The true Body of Christ will be walking in obedience) and it will become the richest and most powerful Institution on earth.  Ably equipped to saturate the earth with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

  1. Every False Prophet and every false doctrine will be openly exposed to the world.

Every spirit of deception will be identified and revealed.   There will be no place for the false and counterfeit to hide.  Every secret thing shall be uncovered.  Hearts will be uncovered.  Motives will be revealed.  The truth about them will be known and announced.

  1. Great Supernatural manifestations of God will occur.

Signs,   wonders and miracles will take place not only in the Church, but on the streets and in the shopping malls and in the workplace.  Healings, and deliverances.  As well as signs in the heavens and in the earth.

  1. Millions of new converts and reclaimed backsliders will fill Churches. Churches that are full of the Glory of God and this will cause overnight growth explosions… There will be great open-air meetings to minister to the throngs because no church will be large enough to take care of the crowds.
  2. Men and women, Young People and even little children will Minister in the Power of God.

Those who have been rejected by organized religion will be exalted by the Spirit of God and used to communicate the Gospel of Jesus in Great Power and Anointing.

  1. Business leaders and businesses and private enterprises which support the Re-Born Church will become the economic giants of the day.

Wall Street will be shocked.   The economists of the world will be dumbfounded.  The wealth of the earth will be redistributed… and shall literally be laid up for the Righteous.  The silver and the gold belong to God.

  1. All modern technology will be used to preach the Word to all the world

All the creative genius being released into humanity will be focused on the Spiritual instead of the natural.  The exponential explosion of technical discovery and wisdom… all this for the Kingdom of God.  Satellite communications… radio…television… computers… the internet… and even newer and more exotic technology that is yet to be developed will revolutionize the preaching and spreading of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

 12.  The whole world will hear and know about Jesus.

Nations and kingdoms will be born into the Kingdom “in a day” just like the Bible says.   The Name of Jesus will be spoken on the lips of all mankind.  What a Day!  What an hour!  What a demonstration of the Glory of God!

This is the approaching Shaking.   This is the prelude to the Revival of the last days.  This is That was spoken by the Prophet Joel.  All the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord.  This is the END TIME REVIVAL.


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