Word for Today:  April 16


Wilderness experiences.

The nature of the believer is to resist the Wilderness.  Wilderness experiences are not pleasant.  We like comfort and convenience.  We like the tranquility of affluence and the relief from hardship.  In the wilderness there is hardship and uncertainty and loneliness.  There are tempting opportunities to doubt and wonder and waver in faith.  In the wilderness.  No assurance.  No guarantees.  No comfort.  No security.

We would all call every wilderness a “bad experience” and one that we would like to avoid.  We like normality.  We like stability.  We do not like uncertainties.  We are geared to want to know what to expect.  We resist anything that jars us out of our comfort and routine.

Most people I know either are in, just out of, or going into a Wilderness Experience.  What do we do when we are in the desert?  How can we profit from the unpleasant?  When will we get out?  Why are we there anyway?  What is God doing to us?

Moses was supernaturally selected by God for a special purpose.  He was redeemed from certain death and found as a baby by Pharaoh’s daughter.  He was raised in the king’s court and was being groomed for political leadership and power.  He was headed for great success.  Then he killed an Egyptian who was beating one of his Hebrew brethren.  He fled into the Wilderness to escape the wrath of the king.  He left the promises of Egypt and the prospects of Political power and wealth to become a sheep herder for his Father-in-law.

On the “backside of the desert” (That’s Wilderness) while he was keeping sheep, the Angel of the Lord appeared to him in the flame of a burning bush.  God began to talk to him and it was at this very place, that he was called and commissioned to lead Israel out of Egypt.

It looked like Moses’ life was over.  It appeared that his future was bleak and all was lost.  In the Wilderness, Moses met the “I AM.”

His Wilderness became the turning point in his life.


Your drought may be the beginning of a great refreshing

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