Word for Today:  May 9

The faith of God.

And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.  (Have the faith of God)  Mark 11:22

If the faith of God is the creative force behind all creation, (and it most certainly is) and if you and I have the same kind of faith, (and we most certainly do) then we have access to the most awesome force known in the universe.

  • Faith is substance.
  • Faith makes.
  • Faith creates.
  • Faith moves things. Like mountains.  Faith moves sickness.  Faith moves problems.  Faith moves poverty.  Faith moves circumstances.
  • Faith gets out of the boat and walks on water.
  • Faith makes something out of nothing.

The remarkable and almost unbelievable truth is that God has given you a determined amount of His Faith. (Rom 12:3)   What have you done with it?  What are you doing with it?  What do you intend to do with it?  What will you do with it RIGHT NOW?  Use it or lose it.  Put it in motion or let it sit there.  Launch out or stay in your safe, comfortable, unthreatened place.

Faith is ACTION.  If it is not Moving, it is not really FAITH.  It may be in your head, but you need to get it out of your head and into your heart and out of your heart and into your hands and feet.  You have it.  God gave it to you.  It is the same kind He has.  It has power to create.


Use it

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