Word for Today:  May 10


And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.  Mark 11:22   

“Have the Faith of God.”  You have the same kind of Faith that God has.  Faith is a Divine Attribute of God.  When you and I got Born Again, we received an impartation of the very Nature and Character of God into our Recreated Human Spirit.  When we were Regenerated, we were “RE-GENED…”  God Supernaturally changed and altered the Genetic Mapping of our human nature.  He “imputed” His Faith into us.  NOW… we have the same kind of Faith God has.

Just as you received certain biological and genetic characteristics from your earthly parents at the time of your conception and birth, you also received certain Spiritual and Supernatural characteristics from your Heavenly Father at the time of your Spiritual Birth.  You look like your parents.  You have personal and emotional characteristics like your parents.  The color of your eyes.  The color of your hair.  Your complexion.    Your size.  The way you walk.  The way you are physically composed.

All these were built into you… mapped by the genetic structures of your parents… and passed on to you at the time of your physical birth.  If all these intricate and miraculous PHYSICAL attributes were placed in you when you were born, the wonderful supernatural SPIRITUAL characteristics of God Himself likewise were imputed into your recreated human spirit at the time of your Spiritual Birth.


We are partakers of His divine nature…  (2 pet 1:4)

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