Word for Today:  February 14

Valentine’s Day Love Facts

  • Love is not impatient but, instead, longsuffering.
  • Love is not envious of others.
  • Love is not self-centered, proud, haughty or puffed up.
  • Love is not conceited.
  • Love is not rude or crude.
  • Love is not touchy or fretful or resentful.
  • Love takes no account of the evil done to it.
  • Love does not rejoice at the failures of others.
  • Love believes the best of every person.
  • Love bears up under anything that comes.
  • Love endures every hardship without weakening (I Cor 13 Amp.)
  1. LOVE encourages, builds up and edifies.
  2. LOVE roots out all fear Perfect love casteth out fear… I John 4:8
  3. LOVE makes your FAITH work Faith worketh by love…
  4. LOVE heals sickness and keeps bodies well.
  5. LOVE conquers selfishness and self-will.
  6. LOVE makes marriages work and stops divorces.
  7. LOVE makes your children obedient and respectful.
  8. LOVE builds and bonds human relationships.
  9. LOVE covers a multitude of sin. I Pet 4:8
  10. LOVE forgives and forgets.
  11. LOVE overlooks faults and weaknesses.
  12. LOVE endures long… is patient and kind.
  13. LOVE sees the best and believes the best of every person.
  14. LOVE will not criticize.
  15. LOVE will not wound or hurt or hinder.
  16. LOVE will not find fault.
  17. LOVE will not create strife and division.
  18. LOVE will not gossip.
  19. LOVE will not destroy or tear down.
  20. LOVE suffers in silence.
  21. LOVE gives expecting nothing in return.
  22. LOVE speaks the truth.
  23. LOVE is honest and full of integrity.
  24. LOVE never fails
  25. LOVE is GOD

God is Love

God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.  1Jo 4:16

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