Word for Today:  February 15


The Day of Pentecost marked a pivotal point in the history of the Christian Church.  (Acts 2)

It was the Birth and the Beginning of the New Testament Church.  The Book of Acts records this event as well as the subsequent development and growth of what we know as the “Church.”

Today, we need to go beyond Pentecost.  Pentecost was the beginning, but that was nearly 2000 years ago.  If we are to fulfill the Great Commission and prepare the earth for the Coming of Jesus, we must progress beyond Pentecost.

As we enter into a fresh new season of change, I believe God is raising up an Army…. an Army of Believers who will Believe God and who will believe the Word.  A People who are not moved by circumstance or situation but who are committed to follow Jesus to the death if necessary.  A generation of turned-on and tuned-in Believers who are not content to stay stuck, but who are determined to move on Beyond Pentecost.

It is this Body of Believers, I believe,  that will comprise the Last Days Church… The End-Time Church… the Vibrant, Powerful, Miracle-working Body of Christ… the literal, visible, tangible, living, breathing extension of God on earth today.

Moving time is here

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