Word for Today:  July 30

The world is looking for heroes.

I’m looking for heroes.  People who inspire.  People who blaze trails.  People who refuse defeat.  Dreamers.  Pioneers.  The Bible is a great place to find winners.  And I had rather be around winners than losers.

Losers are for losers…  Winners are for winners…  In the Bible we find ordinary people who do extraordinary things.  People who are facing dream-shattering and hope-destroying situations and circumstances.  In the Bible we discover real men and real women.

The world is in for a shaking.  It will grow in intensity.  It will be good for those who know how to stand and it will be disastrous for those who are uncommitted and backslidden.  It will reveal heroes.  It will expose the strong and defeat the weak.  It will help the church… the true Church.  It will reveal the shallowness and the superficiality of religion.

Heroes are on the way back.  They are about to step out of the shadows into the light of the NOW.  History will be a great stage for the standers and the winners and the doers and the believers.    The movers and the shakers.  The courageous and the brave…. History is entering into a paradigm shift.   Nations are convulsing.   Governments are failing. Kings are falling.    But the Church is prevailing.   And will continue to prevail. Because Jesus is the Same yesterday, today and forever.  World leaders have come and gone.    But:

The Church will prevail

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