Word for Today:  July 31

God wants to encourage you today.

He wants to build you up in your most Holy Faith…  He wants to strengthen you and help you and deliver you.  He wants you to be blessed.  He wants you to know that He is able to set you free from every snare and every devil and every fiery trial.  He speaks to you by His Word and through the Anointing and assures you that He has everything under control.

We have a lot going for us.  We are blessed and well provided for.  We live in abundance and suffer no lack.  We are God’s People and we are a special people…  God calls us “Peculiar”… “Set Apart”… “A Holy Nation”… “His Children”… “His Husbandry”… “His Garden”… “His Temple”…

We are blessed with an abundance of His Word…  Yet, many are hurting and wondering and wishing… some are doubting and even more are struggling with apparent impossible situations and trying circumstances.   If this is you…. hold on!

God wants you to be delivered.  God wants you to be free.   God wants you overcoming, ruling and reigning in life.  Deliverance is for you.  God is for you.  The Word is for you.

And God is Able!

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