Word for Today: May 4

Power’s evidence.

The Power of the Holy Spirit so prevalent in the New Testament is, unfortunately, not a present day reality in the majority of churches.

Signs, wonders and miracles are not the real evidence of Holy Ghost Power.  The evidence of the Power of God is:

  • Changed lives.
  • Sin, repented of and removed.
  • Love and forgiveness prevailing toward those who have wronged us.
  • Clean living and holy thinking and right doing.
  • Caring more for prayer and fellowship with the Father than for personal pet pastimes.
  • True Worship, Joyful Praise and Strong Word Preaching and Teaching.
  • Desiring God more than anything else… seeking Him and crying out to Him and longing for Him.
  • When everything that offends is cut away and put down… when all our Idols are smashed and reduced to dust.

The Power of God always causes SOMETHING to HAPPEN.  God’s Power produces results.

We don’t need more education or super-star preachers.  We don’t need bigger and better buildings or more efficient organization and more talented administration.  We don’t need more professional choirs and musicians and more skilled worship leaders.

We need the Power of God

And ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you… Acts 1:8

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