Letter to God

God?  Can you hear me?  Do you remember who I am?  My voice is not as strong as it used to be, neither is my spirit.  I worry if my prayer even will reach you.

I’m distressed, God.  I wandered from the safety of your house; I ignored the direction of your Word.  I have found myself somewhere in this slough of despair, and I am afraid.

The mornings come, but I stumble in the dark with no light in this desolate place.  When night falls, my soul aches for rest, but there is no restful sleep there.  This place is a wilderness, and even in my slumber the enemy whispers in my ear.

God, I want to come home, but I can’t find the way!  I keep walking down roads that only take me farther away from you.  Some roads deceive me and I take them over and over again.  I just wander aimlessly in vain.

I am the one who longed for the adventure of this journey.  I have only myself to blame.  Like a foolish child, I thought nothing of danger and consequence.  I have tested waters that produce only drowning and death.

Will you save me?  Dare I beg for you to pluck me out of the sea that encompasses me?  With each wave that crashes over me, I can taste the bitter salt of what I have done.  I am ashamed, and full of sorrow… is there any hope for my redemption?

Oh, my God, I cry out in desperation.  The enemy has found me and now uses me for his delight!  For while I was drowning in this pit, he offered refuge on his vessel of deceit, and I willingly climbed aboard.

My Father in heaven, I have sinned against You…I have rebelled against Your perfect ways…I know I am not deserving of Your forgiveness, let alone Your divine intervention.  I ask You, no, I beg You, in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, to wash away my sins.  I pray that Your Holy Spirit will return to me, and guide me once again.  I ask that You search my heart and if You find that I am sincere, that You will save me from myself and this wilderness that surrounds me.

Let me once again glorify your Name, that the world would see You in me and know that You are God.

In Jesus’ name I offer up this prayer and humbly ask for Your Forgiveness….

Thank You for hearing…. And


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