“Now thanks be unto God which always causeth us to TRIUMPH in Christ…” II Cor. 2:14

There are only TWO kinds of people alive and on earth today.  Those who have been BORN NATURALLY and those who have been BORN SUPERNATURALLY.  The FIRST BIRTH is of the FLESH and the SECOND BIRTH is of the SPIRIT.  “That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit…”  The FIRST BIRTH is unto DEATH and DEFEAT and the SECOND BIRTH is unto LIFE and VICTORY.  You were born the first time DESTINED to LOSE but you were BORN the SECOND TIME DESTINED TO WIN.. Hallelujah..

Many in the body of Christ… those who have been born SUPERNATURALLY, have never come into the REALM of WINNING and not losing.  Some are still living in defeat, and death, sickness, and poverty.  Some are frustrated and sad and overwhelmed by problems, obstacles, and circumstances.  More are just plain weary and tired and worn and wounded… on the verge of quitting or coping out.  I want you to know that YOU ARE DESTINED TO WIN..  I don’t care how bleak or black or hopeless or helpless your situation may be… If you are BORN AGAIN… YOU ARE DESTINED TO WIN..  This is GOOD NEWS..  That is precisely what the Gospel is:  GOOD NEWS..  Jesus commanded us to preach the GOSPEL to the POOR..  When the Gospel that is preached is received and acted on the POOR will not stay POOR..  THEY ARE DESTINED TO WIN..


                (2) JESUS is a VICTORY JESUS..

                 (3) THE BIBLE is a VICTORY BOOK..

                 (4) THE CHURCH is a VICTORY CHURCH..

                 (5) BELIEVERS are a VICTORY PEOPLE..

Everything about GOD speaks of VICTORY and SUCCESS and WINNING.  He knows nothing about losing… He never has and He never will..  Because we are infused with His Life and His Nature, we are DESTINED TO WIN..  Every loss, every failure, and every defeat is AGAINST OUR NATURE..  It is ABNORMAL FOR THE BELIEVER TO LOSE..  It is NOT NATURAL, it is NOT NORMAL, and it is NOT NECESSARY..

Here are some FACTS you need to be AWARE OF:

1.  Understand satan’s limitations

2.  Be aware of his methods

3.  Know that you are his master..

4.  Get violent…mad…disgusted…motivated….determined…in your opposition


TEXT:  ACTS 16:16-34

Paul was in the flow of God’s Will and doing his very best to walk in total obedience.  Notice what happened:

1.  Paul cast out a devil  (16:18)

2.  This made the merchants mad  (16:19)

3.  Caused an uproar in the city  (16:20)

LESSON:  “When you start… the devil starts..”  Opposition never comes unless you are in the will of God.  It always looks like DEFEAT before VICTORY COMES..

1. The multitudes turned against him  (16:22)

2. They were arrested by the magistrates and beaten with rods  (16:23)

3. They were cast into jail (dungeon) and locked in stocks  (16:23)

LESSON:  Popular opinion usually is against GOD.  Multitudes will jump on the “band wagon” to oppose the work of God.   Things generally get worse… MUCH WORSE before they get better..

I.  MIDNIGHT..  (25)

The darkest time and the bleakest time and the hardest time… MIDNIGHT..  Often sleep fails you and the burdens become all but unbearable..  It seems that dawn will never come…   “Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy cometh in the morning..”  (Psa 30:5)

It is often darkest just before dawn..  Many lives and situations are deadlocked at the midnight hour.  Some will wonder “where is God?”  “Why do I seem to be all alone?”  “Doesn’t anybody care?”

Paul and Silas were not USUAL.  They KNEW they were in the WILL OF GOD.  They were certain that they were DESTINED TO WIN..    They:

(1) PRAYED… Real Loud.. (16:25)

(2) SANG… Real Loud..  (16:25)

(3) PRAISED GOD… Real Loud..  (16:25)

DANIEL KNEW on the way to the den of lions…

JOSHUA KNEW at the walls of Jericho…

DAVID KNEW when he stood before the 9 foot giant…

ABRAHAM KNEW when he prepared to sacrifice Isaac…

STEPHEN KNEW as the Religious Crowd  stoned him for Preaching Jesus…

JOHN KNEW when he was abandoned on the Isle of Patmos…

JESUS KNEW when He yielded up the Ghost on Calvary..

“He was there all the time…”


What the world is waiting to see… Saints who know they are DESTINED TO WIN..  The world will hear when we begin to SHOUT and REJOICE and PRAISE GOD in the midst of our trials and tribulations..  The sinners will look us up when we begin to ACT LIKE WINNERS and not losers..  Most of what goes on in the churches today cannot attract the worldly bunch because many in the church are sad, defeated, sick, broke, divorced, mad, critical, mean, and ugly..

We have GOOD NEWS..   We are destined to Win..  We can sing, shout, and rejoice because we know how the STORY ENDS..  WE WIN and the devil loses..  PRISONERS… that’s what the world is full of.  They are CAPTIVES.  They are PRISONERS.  They are BOUND.  They are SHACKLED.  Our SONG will give them HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT and STRENGTH and VICTORY..

Locked in stocks.  Beaten with rods.  Backs bleeding.  Bodies bruised.  No hope in the natural.  No friends, no contacts, no money, no WAY OF ESCAPE..  Then…

III. “SUDDENLY…”  (26)

Enough is Enough..  No force on earth or in hell can stop the Hand of God.. YOUR ANSWER IS ON THE WAY..  YOUR DELIVERANCE IS AT HAND..  YOUR VICTORY IS IMMINENT.. 

This is the only good earthquake in the Bible..  God sent it not to destroy but to open jailhouse doors and set the captives free..  No one was killed or hurt..  It only broke down prison doors and unlocked the stocks..  Your darkest hour is God’s hour of Opportunity..  He is looking for places and people that He can show Himself strong to..  Are you one?  Are you in a “Jailhousel” situation?  Is it “Midnight”?  Is all hope gone?  SUDDENLY.. 



(1) Jailer was kept from suicide

(2) Jailer got saved

(3) Jailer’s entire house got saved

(4) City was made to take notice of God

(5) The devil had to “eat crow”..


1. Expect satan to resist your efforts

2. When things get worse… don’t panic..  Know that help is on the way..

3. When your “midnight” comes… PRAY and SING and SHOUT and PRAISE  GOD..  This always confuses the devil..

4. Believe for your miracle… expect your miracle..  Be an example to unbelievers… let them hear and see you TRUST GOD..



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