Word for Today:  August 19

The approaching Renaissance.

I believe we are on a collision course for a Moral and Spiritual Renaissance.  And this is good.  There is a deadly sickness among us.  An infectious disease that will ultimately bring about the destruction of our nation…. if it is not treated and cured. And it’s not COVID. It’s deeper than that. And more disastrous.

Many are ready to do something.  Many are coming to the conclusion that our ONLY hope is a Spiritual Awakening.  I believe that this is you and me.  Us.  The Church.  The believers in our city.  In our Nation.

However, we must never be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem.  This sickness is “not unto death” but I believe an excellent opportunity for God to be Glorified.  This was the case when Lazarus died (John 11).  He did die, but Jesus turned the tragedy into triumph.  I am confident the same Jesus can and will turn our moral downward spiral into a great Triumph.

Never underestimate the power of the minority.  Martin Luther King, Jr. proved this point.  (“I have a dream…”)   Gideon and his 300 proved this.  The Nation of Israel continues to prove this.

We may be in the minority, but we have God.  And God has us.

That turns the table and changes the equation

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