Word for Today:  November 17

It is more than knowledge.

It is acting on the Truth that sets you free… It is more than inspiration.  It is more than feeling.  It is more than emotion.

God expects you to act on what you know and when you do, you sow seeds that begin to grow.  What you sow and what you grow is what you harvest and what you receive.  (Mark 4)

  • You cannot draw out of the bank what you have not put in the bank.
  • You cannot grow in your garden what you have not planted in your garden.
  • You cannot harvest what you have not sown.

When you sow Word Seed in good ground, you are guaranteed a bountiful harvest. You literally begin to “pull out” what God has “put in.” The principle of Sowing is one of the most profound revelations that I ever received from God.

If you know this Truth and then DO this Truth, God promises to make you free.    John 8:32

What you sow is what you grow…

and what you grow is what you get

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