Word for Today:  November 18


We have been hindered by “weights.”   Some of these “weights” have been manufactured by the church and fostered by the ministry.  We have become consumed by Procedures and Techniques and Easy Formulas that will try to manipulate God and attempt to provide Instant Cures for all that ails us.

We have developed a Mind for God and a Knowledge about God, but our hearts and Spirits are dry and stunted and hungry for a Simple and Genuine Relationship with the Risen Jesus.

  • Just to Know Him.
  • Just to Love Him.
  • Just to Commune with Him.
  • Just to Walk with Him.
  • Just to Fellowship with Him.

Forget about all the “buttons to punch” and all the “strings to pull” and all the empty “words to say”…. let’s come back to JESUS.  Let’s really make Him Lord and keep Him Lord.  Let’s Behold His Glory and Look into His Wonderful Face.

We have been like Martha “cumbered about with much serving” when we need to be like Mary who sat at Jesus’ Feet loving Him and hearing His word.

Mary chose that Good and Better Part.

So should you

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