Word for Today:  December 17


  • If you can believe, all things will be possible for you and nothing will ever be impossible to you.
  • If you can believe, you can move into the realm of the miraculous.
  • If you can believe you can change your life, your situation, your circumstances and your destiny.

Believing is the key to the impossible.  Believing is the secret to success.  Believing is the way into heaven.  Believing is the way man connects with God.  Jesus said that if we can believe all things will be possible to us (Mark 9:23).

The Bible says that if without Believing it is impossible to please God.   Believing is the way to please God and the way to tap into the supernatural power of God.  Believing is the most powerful force on earth.

Your believing can change things around you and make them line up with your will and the will of God.  Nothing you can do as a Christian is more important than Believing.

Believing can change our nation.  Believing can produce miracles.  Believing can bring God into your situation and solve all your problems.  Believing is life-changing.

Believing changes death into LIFE

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