The resurrection of a dead dog

I have been preaching for over 64 years and one of the most significant miracles I ever witnessed was the resurrection of a dead dog. 

God turned an apparent tragedy into a triumph when a dog my little boys loved got hit by a speeding automobile.    A beautiful German Shepherd named “Prince,” was a loving companion to my small boys but one day, in the presence of the boys, he was crushed under the wheels of a passing car. 

They cried and called for me to get him off the road where he lay.  When I arrived, the sight was not pretty.  He was bloody, his legs were askew, and he was lifeless.  As the boys stood by me, I told them I would have to take Prince to the back yard and bury him. 

Then one of them said “Daddy, why don’t you pray for him?”  An impossible situation.  How can I do this?  What will I tell them when I have to put Prince in the ground?  But I did.  I prayed.  But they had much more faith than I did.  I took the lifeless body and put it on the porch right by the front door and told the boys to go inside and get ready for bed (this happened late in the day).  I planned on burying Prince when the kids were asleep. 

When they were all tucked in for the night I reluctantly went back to the porch where Prince lay.  Do you know, when I opened the door that dead dog jumped straight up from where he lay and walked over to me and began licking my hand.  I was startled.  Dumbfounded.  And overwhelmed at the power of prayers prayed by little boys.  I ran inside, got them to come and see the Miracle of Prince.  And the ONE who makes the Impossible Possible proved once again with another Miracle that HE is our Almighty and All-Powerful God.     

I put the shovel up and gave Prince a big serving of fresh ground hamburger

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