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March 25, 2016

Word for Today:  March 25


What are Storms?

Storms are circumstances and situations.   Storms are problems.  Storms are crises.  Storms are hindrances and delays and disappointments.  Storms are situations that plague us and harass us and attempt to destroy us.  Storms are sicknesses and physical attacks. Storms are Family conflicts and marriage troubles.  Storms are difficulties and impossibilities in the work place. Storms are addictions and habits that keep us in bondage.  Storms are demonic.

Where do Storms come from?  What causes them?

Storms are caused by the devil.  They are demonic attacks.  They are designed to do what the devil wants to do to you… to kill you, to steal your goods, and to completely destroy you.  Storms are planned and birthed in hell.  They are designed for you personally by the devil and his demons.  They are intended to keep you as far away from God and God’s Purpose as possible.

What is the Purpose of Storms?

The purpose and intent of storms is to stop you before you get where God wants you to be.  Storms arise and winds blow in the process of ministry and spiritual growth.  When you determine to obey God and be a blessing to others is when you will find yourself in a storm with the devil attempt­ing to sink your boat.

The moment you decide to go to the Other Side with Jesus, satan will send a storm to stop you and to sink your boat.  You hear the voice of God… the challenge… the command… (This is point A) and you start out toward point B which is the place where God wants you.  And on the way…. You run into a STORM.

How do we Calm the Storm?

The Word spoken in faith and prayed in faith always creates a calm and produces peace.  When Jesus found Himself in a great storm, He “rebuked” the wind and “said” to the sea… (Mark 4:39)  There is a time to pray and there is a time to arise and speak the Word.

Faith-filled words will make the Natural submit to the Spiritual.  If “no-faith” which is what the dis­ciples had (“how is it that ye have no faith…?”) yields to the destructive power of storms then Faith (which is what Jesus had) makes the de­structive power of storms submit to the Power of God.


Talk to your storm




March 24, 2016

Word for Today:  March 24



Soon there will be Fresh and New Mantles of Anointing flowing in the Church; God’s Power will be revealed. His Glory will sweep through the Church and His Presence will be awesome. It will be as it was in the days of Solomon…   the priests and the servants of the Lord will not be able to stand by reason of the cloud for the Glory of the Lord will fill the House of God. (2 Chron 5:14)

New streams of Anointings will flow. Men, women and young people (and even children) will stand boldly to declare “thus saith the Lord” and will not fear the opposition of men or the reproach of the world.  Healing streams. Delivering streams.  Streams of strength and streams of encouragement. Streams of revelation and streams of unction to preach and speak in behalf of God.

Great anointings that will shake cities and towns and villages and communities… all flowing through men and women and children who are yielded to God. Prophetic anointings will operate and discerning anointings will operate. It will be as pure and powerful as that Anointing Peter had when he saw the sin of Ananias and Sapphira that is recorded in the Book of Acts.

Great and awesome anointings of power and supernatural abilities, healings, and miracles will be the atmosphere and the climate of the Restored Church. Now, we see through a glass “darkly” but soon we will see as God sees.


An awakening is on the way




March 23, 2016

Word for Today:  March 23


I believe we have missed the point somewhere.

Religion has formed opinions and manufactured definitions of what church is.  I wonder if church is today what it was in the first century.  I wonder if we did today what they did in the first century… would we qualify as ministers…. Or churches… or Christian assemblies?   Would it be acceptable? Would it fit in our specified service times?  What would happen?

Perhaps we have become acclimated and accustomed to contemporary activity that we call “church” and maybe it is not church at all… at least not church in the sense of the New Testament definition.

Does God wonder what we are doing?  Maybe we should re-evaluate what we do on the Lord’s Day and what happens on Sunday and then compare it with Scripture and see if it is really church or not.

Much of what we call “church” is not church at all.  It may qualify as a “meeting” but it certainly is not “Church.”  Our first question after the services should be “did we have Church?  Or did we just have a meeting.”  Many services in many churches would go right on without the Holy Ghost showing up and many would never know the difference.

  • Church is not church if nothing happens.
  • Church is not church if shock waves are not sent through hell. (Remember the “gates of hell” thing?
  • Church is not church if people in church can sleep right through it.
  • Church is not church when everything is planned and orchestrated by professional religious personnel.
  • Church is not church if there is no excitement. No movement.  No action.
  • Church is not church if there is no rejoicing.
  • Church is not church lives and situations are not changed.


Real Church is radical




March 22, 2016

Word for Today:  March 22


Meeting with God.

When Moses met God on Sinai, the meeting nearly blew the top of the mountain off.

When Elijah met God on Mt. Carmel, a Fire Storm fell from heaven, licked up trenches filled with water and announced that God answers by Fire.

When Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego met God in the fiery furnace they survived unscathed (through a seven-times-hotter furnace than ever) and Jesus came and celebrated with them.

When Solomon met God in the New Temple, the power of God was so great that every priest and every singer and every worshipper could not stand on their feet.

When Jesus the Man met God at Calvary, thunder came and darkness fell and a great earthquake shook all of Jerusalem… even the graves were opened and the dead walked among the living.

When the 120 met God in the upper room, tongues of fire fell, sounds like a howling hurricane blew through the house and they all began to speak in tongues.

When the church in Acts had a prayer meeting the Bible says the place was “shaken.”

They encountered God and the encounter was significant.  It was noticed.  Something happened.

When humanity has an Encounter with God…. Something happens.


Something significant.  Something supernatural.  Something life-changing.


March 21, 2016

Word for Today:  March 21


We are suffering loss because we have allowed loss to happen.

Every defeat and every spiritual set back is the result of our laziness, our ignorance, our stupidity or our rebellion.

satan moves in when he is not resisted.  satan stays when we draw back and let him stay.   satan sets up housekeeping when we give place to him.  satan builds strongholds when we do not fight back.  satan cannot do what he is not allowed to do.

Our spiritual condition is precisely what we have allowed it to become.  We can fuss and cuss about the government about world conditions about immorality and crime and ungodliness… we can criticize and complain but what IS is what we as the Body of Christ have allowed to be.

God has equipped us and supplied us with every effective and offensive weapon to stop the devil and drive out demons and take back what hell has stolen… the problem is we have grown fat and lazy and we have gone to sleep.

And while we slept the enemy came and invaded.  Now it is time to attack.  It is time to declare our independence from the powers of darkness… it is the hour to move into the territory of the devil… to charge the gates of hell and demand a refund.

Just go ahead and do it.


March 20, 2016

Word for Today:  March 20


People want to see Jesus.

But they cannot see Jesus and ignore the Truth.  Jesus and Truth are synonymous.  They want to see the Glory of God.  But they will never see the Glory of God by continuing in rebellion and sin.

The world is tired of seeing Church and Performance and Form and Custom.  They want to see Jesus.  I want to see Jesus.  Jesus has been buried under Religion and the traditions of men and doctrines that have sanitized God and left the miraculous out of the Bible.

People are tired of Professional Preachers and Social clubs called churches.     We have kept Jesus covered and hidden by our veneer of hypocrisy.  What we do speaks louder than what we say.  Who we really are overshadows what people see.

It s not great preaching that is needed or great preachers…not bigger churches or better facilities…. People need to see Jesus.  People want to see Jesus.  People must see Jesus.  When Jesus is welcomed in our churches… crowds will follow.  Because where Jesus is… God is.  And were God is… the devil isn’t.

And Jesus draws crowds…  not gimmicks, contests, covered dinners, homecomings, band concerts, or free pizza.  It is JESUS that people want to see and it is JESUS that people need.

Only Jesus can change your situation.  Only Jesus can bring you into Victory Living.  Only Jesus can deliver you and make you free.  Only Jesus can satisfy the hunger in your heart.  Only Jesus can give you LIFE.  (John 10:10)


Consider Him today  (Heb 12:3)


True Inspiring Stories

March 19, 2016


The Day the Angel Came


In the early days of the Charismatic Movement, which had such a powerful influence on our small Baptist church on Lott Road, it became evident that Pat and I would need a very special visitation from God in order to lead our congregation into the Grand Plan He had for us.  So many things were happening in such a powerful way and so quickly, it would be necessary for us to really know how to hear from God, believe Him and have some sort of special revelation regarding leading our Baptist Church into that of a full Gospel ministry.

There would be times of testing, scrutiny and examination by our Baptist peers so we needed to be able to lead our flock in the Truth of God’s Word in a way that it would dispel all arguments and all accusations.  So it was imperative that we learn How to Believe God.

Pat and I began to study and research the subject of New Testament Faith because we knew that “without faith” it would be “impossible to please God.”  (Heb 11:6)  And if we were to please God we would have to know everything we could find out about faith.  It was going to require supernatural faith to get us through the quagmire of denominational doctrine, embedded traditions and common practices that were going to oppose our neo-Pentecostal objective.   In this early stage of the Charismatic Movement, the Biblical truth regarding the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit was under scrutiny.  Especially the practice of speaking in tongues.  We were in desperate need of having faith to see us through.

Our limited knowledge and experiences of operating in faith and living by faith was going to have to change.  We needed someone or some book or some teacher to lead us in our quest to understand and move in faith.  So we prayed for help.

One evening, late, as we were preparing for the night, someone knocked on the front door of the parsonage, our home situated next to the church auditorium.  When I answered, a man dressed in a suit and carrying a small brief-case was standing on the steps.  He told me that he was a minister and teacher of the Gospel passing through Mobile, and needed a place to stay for the night.  He was very apologetic and stressed that he only needed a place to sleep… he asked if would we be able to accommodate him even though he was a complete stranger and was very clear stating that he would not, in any way, want to inconvenience us.   Needless to say, we were sort of “put on the spot.”  Pat and I exchanged glances and I could tell by her expression she thought it would be ok.   So, we moved our daughter out of her bedroom and gave it to him.

If I remember correctly, there was very little visiting time spent with him before we retired for the night.  We had an understanding with him that we would have breakfast together the next morning before he continued on his way.

The next day, when we got up to prepare breakfast, our friend was nowhere to be found.  He had gotten up early, made the bed up and left without so much as a “thank you.”   Then we noticed something strange.  On the table near the front door was a small package.  When we examined it, we discovered it was a group of cassette teaching tapes all bound together with a rubber band.  And the subject of the series of in-depth teachings was…. FAITH.

We had “entertained an angel…. unaware”


Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.  Heb 13:2

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