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May 22, 2016

Word for Today:  May 22



“In 1607 the Jamestown settlers stepped ashore on pristine soil at Cape Henry, Virginia.  They immediately planted a cross and claimed this land for Jesus Christ.  That same day, Reverend Robert Hunt gathered the group for a prayer service.  He urged the men to pray that the Gospel of Jesus Christ would go forth to all nations from these shores.  The charter of Virginia, granted by King James I, gave their purpose as: propagating the Christian Religion to such people as yet live in darkness…”

These noble individuals were sheltered and schooled in homes where the Bible was read, studied and practiced.  Marriage was scriptural and paramount and the sanctity of such marriages became the birthplace of statesmen and leaders and scholars and merchantmen that feared God and laid the foundation of our great nation.

God is determined to bless any nation that stays true and faithful to Him and His Word.  God will safeguard any government that honors Him and keeps His Word.  God will supernaturally protect the people of any country that will humble themselves and pray.


PRAY today for the USA


May 20, 2016

Word for Today:  May 20


Never give in.

Never give in to fear.  Never give in to discouragement.  Never be moved by facts or consequences or obstacles or impossibilities.  The God in you is bigger than man, the devil, anything, any system, any movement, any government, any economy, any power…. nothing shall by any means harm you… when you go in the Name of the Lord God of Israel.

God was with Moses.  God was with Joshua.  God is with us…  Even our enemies shall be made to be a peace with us.  The move of God in us will strike terror in the hearts of those who resist God and resist God’s Word.

You have nothing to fear.  You have nothing to be afraid of.  God is with you.  God is in you.  His Power is working mightily through you.  Be courageous.  Be strong.  Be fearless.  Be not dismayed.  Be not discouraged.  Be aggressive.  Be on the attack.

The only way you can lose is if God loses…. and God never loses.  He never has and He never will.


Neither will YOU if you never give in to fear





May 19, 2016

Word for Today:  May 19


Begin today with a positive attitude.

Never think weakness or failure.  Believe right and think right.  Your attitude will determine the condition of your faith.   The “artificial horizon” attitude indicator in an aircraft will tell the pilot what attitude the plane is in as it flies through the air.

Your attitude will indicate your thinking, your seeing, your saying and your doing.  Attitude is your present position.  Where are you now?  What is your attitude today?  How are you thinking?  What are you saying?  What are you expecting?

To fix damaged faith, reset your attitude to agree with the Word of God.  And the Will of God.  Flow in the direction of God’s leading.  Be sensitive to the Voice of the Holy Spirit.  Be deaf to the cries of the carnal man and to the vision of the natural eye.  Be encouraging.  Be encouraged.

See the best, talk the best, think the best and expect the best.  Be positive.


Because what you expect is what you usually get




May 18, 2016

Word for Today:  May 18


What is the cause of conflict?

The Believer is constantly bombarded by conflicts and difficulties.   satan buffets and tries and tests and tempts.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous… and we can all say “amen” to that.  We must remember, however, that the Lord delivereth them (us) out of them all…

The Faith Life is filled with confrontations and conflicts.   Remember, Conflicts will control you or you will control conflicts.   Your spiritual (and natural) success depends on what you KNOW and what you DO with what you KNOW.   Some have grown “weary” in well doing.  Some have “run out of gas” spiritually.  Others have retreated from their faith stand and wandered back into religion, doubt and reasoning.

Understand that satan wants to stop you (before you go “too far”).   he wants to keep you from getting where God wants you to be.  he will set traps, and build obstacles and release devices and fiery darts to hinder your spiritual growth and development.  he wants you to ease up and finally, give up.  he will move you into doubt and negativism if possible.  he wants to make you an embarrassment to the Church and the Kingdom of God.  he wants you sick and weak.  he wants you to feel bad and worry.  he wants you broke, poor and destitute.  he will turn up the heat and tighten the screws to keep you frustrated and stressed out.  he wants you dead and out of his way.

REALIZE that conflicts come from hell.  God is not the author of conflicts or the Creator of obstacles.  God is a Helper and not a hinderer.  God is a Multiplier and not a subtractor. God is a Good God and He does Good things.  The devil is bad and does bad things.


Simple as that



May 17, 2016

Word for Today:  May 17


And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.  Mark 11:22

“Have the Faith of God.”  You have the same kind of Faith that God has.  Faith is a Divine Attribute of God.  When you and I got Born Again, we received an impartation of the very Nature and Character of God into our Recreated Human Spirit.  When we were Regenerated, we were “RE-GENED…”  God Supernaturally changed and altered the Genetic Mapping of our human nature.  He “imputed” His Faith into us.  NOW… we have the same kind of Faith God has.

Just as you received certain biological and genetic characteristics from your earthly parents at the time of your conception and birth, you also received certain Spiritual and Supernatural characteristics from your Heavenly Father at the time of your Spiritual Birth.  You look like your parents.  You have personal and emotional characteristics like your parents.  The color of your eyes.  The color of your hair.  Your complexion.    Your size.  The way you walk.  The way you are physically composed.

All these were built into you… mapped by the genetic structures of your parents… and passed on to you at the time of your physical birth.  If all these intricate and miraculous PHYSICAL attributes were placed in you when you were born, the wonderful supernatural SPIRITUAL characteristics of God Himself likewise were imputed into your recreated human spirit at the time of your Spiritual Birth.

We are partakers of His divine nature…  (2Pet 1:4)






May 16, 2016

Word for Today:  May 16


The faith of God.

And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.  (Have the God kind of faith)  Mark 11:22

If the faith of God is the creative force behind all creation, (and it most certainly is) and if you and I have the same kind of faith, (and we most certainly do) then we have access to the most awesome force known in the universe.

  • Faith is substance.
  • Faith makes.
  • Faith creates.
  • Faith moves things. Even mountains.  Faith moves sickness.  Faith moves problems.  Faith moves poverty.  Faith moves circumstances.
  • Faith gets out of the boat and walks on water.
  • Faith makes something out of nothing.

The remarkable and almost unbelievable truth is that God has given you a determined amount of His Faith. (Rom 12:3)   What have you done with it?  What are you doing with it?  What do you intend to do with it?  What will you do with it RIGHT NOW?  Use it or lose it.  Put it in motion or let it sit there.  Launch out or stay in your safe, comfortable, unthreatened place.

Faith is ACTION.  If it is not Moving, it is not really FAITH.  It may be in your head, but you need to get it out of your head and into your heart and out of your heart and into your hands and feet.  You have it.  God gave it to you.  It is the same kind He has.  It has power to create.

Use it



May 15, 2016

Word for Today:  May 15


The same kind of faith.

We having the same spirit of faith… 2Cor. 4:13

Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ, to them that have obtained like precious faith… 2Pet. 1:1

For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.   Ro 12:3

Paul says “your faith is just like mine.”  Peter says “your faith is just like mine.”  The “measure” of faith God gave you is just like theirs.    Some think their measure is less than others.  Not so.  Did God give the same AMOUNT to every man?  YES.  Because God is no respecter of persons.  He gave you the same amount (measure) He gave the Apostle Paul, Simon Peter, John and all the rest of His disciples.

How much is a “measure”?  Enough.  What is the greatest natural miracle in the world?  Physical birth.  The physical conception, creation and birth of a human being is the greatest miracle that can ever occur in the natural world. What is the greatest miracle in the Spiritual World?  Of all the Spiritual Miracles we know of the New Birth is, without doubt, the greatest.

If the Measure of Faith was enough for the Greatest Miracle, (and it was), then, it is enough for anything else.  Healing.  Deliverance.  Salvation.  Restoration.  Prosperity.

If you had enough faith to get Born Again, then you have enough Faith for anything else.


Only believe








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