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September 20, 2016

Word for Today:  September 20


God has always had a Voice.

In times of trouble and distress and confusion… God has always had a Voice.   His prophets and His servants would come into great anointing and they would speak forth the message of God.

They were Perceptive.  They operated with great insight as well as foresight.

They were Receptive.  They were not blinded by or hindered by the fear of men.  They were TURNED ON and TUNED IN.

They were Called.  Anointed and Appointed and Commissioned.  They were extensions of God on earth and spoke with His authority and His power.

They were Radical and Unreasonable.  They were distinctive and different.  They were careless (toward the world) and careful toward God.  They walked humbly and circumspectly before God.  They respected Him and feared Him. (Held Him in awe and reverence).

We are coming into a fresh end-time anointing.  More than ever before… at any time in the history of man… we will speak as the very Voice of God to a hungry-hearted generation… to a wounded and hurting Church…  to a world that is in desperate need.

The voice of the Prophet will be heard once again.


And satan’s kingdom will fail because the Anointing will prevail



September 19, 2016


Word for Today:  September 19


One factor.

There is only one factor that gives credibility to any ministry.

There is only one factor that guarantees the success of Kingdom work.  There is only one factor that makes preachers really preach and churches really produce lasting results.

Effectiveness and productivity are not the result of man’s effort, ingenuity or education.   Success is not correctly measured by size.  Bigger is not always better.   And smarter is not always wiser.   Breadth is never as important as depth.

In Kingdom Ministry it is the Anointing that produces results.  Without the anointing all our efforts are but sounding brass and tinkling symbols.  Where there is no anointing, there is no LIFE.

It is the anointing that breaks the yoke and sets the captive free.  It is the anointing that brings revelation and produces conviction.  It is the anointing that moves the heart and rends the soul.

With all our getting let us be certain we get unction.  Education is good, but it can never substitute for anointing.   Personality and popularity and acclaim are good, but they can never accomplish what the anointing can accomplish.

In all the years of ministry, I’m not so sure I can explain what the anointing really is, or how to adequately describe it, but I can surely tell when I haven’t got it.  And so can you.

The anointing gives credibility to ministry.  The anointing eradicates human limitation.  The anointing speaks the truth.  The anointing breaks the stronghold of the enemy.  The anointing ignites the hearts of complacent Christians and impregnates the barren church to produce spiritual children.


We must have the anointing








September 18, 2016


Word for Today:  September 18


Put it off.

In Ephesians Paul speaks about the New Man and the Old Man.  He tells us to “put off the old man” and “put on the New Man.”

That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts;  And be renewed in the spirit of your mind;

And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.  Eph 4:22-24

This is an act of the human will.  We determine what we “put off” and what we “put on.”  It is a decision we make.  It is basically not a very spiritual decision, it’s simply a choice we make.    Just as we decide what clothes we are going to put on each day, we can also decide to put on all the benefits of the New Creation Man each day as well.

I like to visualize literally putting on all my New Creation provisions as I put on my clothes each morning. Then I make a decision to “wear them” through all the situations and challenges that come along during the day.  The Word tells us to “put on” the New Man with all his privileges and provisions and to “put off” the old man with all his lack and need.  All his weaknesses and limitations. All his frustrations and temptations.

This speaks of personal action that comes out of the human will.  You either will to do it or you will to not do it.

If you do it you get the results the Bible promises and if you don’t you won’t.


So do it






September 17, 2016


Word for Today:  September 17



Notice the attitude of those gathered in the Upper Room in Acts chapter 2:

FIRST:  They were serious about God.  They were serious about Church.  They were serious about Spiritual Things.  They were not playing games or pretending.  They were committed.

SECOND:  They were praying.  They were believing.  They were expecting.

THIRD:  They loved each other and forgave one another and were together in unity.  Petty differences were forgotten.

FOURTH:  They wanted IT.  They wanted fire from heaven.  They wanted revival.  They wanted God and all that God had for them.

FIFTH:  They were “In one accord…”   They were not arguing doctrine or comparing spiritual gifts.  They were not competing for attention or envious of others.

SIXTH:  They were filled with praise and thanksgiving to God.  They were unashamed and they were bold.  They were not intimidated and they were not shy.  They were not embarrassed about the Holy Ghost.

FINALLY:  They were not going to quit until they got it and until the whole world was touched.

What we are content  with determines what God can do in us.


Dissatisfaction leads to greater possibilities




September 16, 2016

Word for Today:  September 16


We are under a Divine Mandate from Heaven to get with it or get out of it.

We are not on a vacation and we are not seeking a blessing… We are not striving to get God to do something for us.  Folks….it is harvest time.

We do not need squatters or homesteaders.  We need goers and doers and givers and pray-ers…. We need laborers because it is harvest time.

What is it going to take to bring Revival to the Church?  What are the prerequisites for a Spiritual Renaissance… an Awakening?

Do we have to bottom out before we get up?  Are we so slow that IT must happen everywhere else before IT happens to us?

  • We have built nice buildings, but this didn’t work.
  • We have upgraded and acquired the latest and most sophisticated technology.  Didn’t work.
  • We have established great programs, but this didn’t work.
  • We have brought in outstanding “world-class” preachers and evangelists and teachers, but this didn’t work.
  • We have hired world-class staff members and revolutionized our “worship” and music.
  • We have established educational programs and Bible Institutes and recreational projects and we have preached on TV and Radio, we have published books and pamphlets, but none of these have really produced New Testament Results.
  • We have promoted, organized, educated and funded but this didn’t work.

What will it take?  I’ll tell you what it’s going to take.

  • It is going to take hungering and thirsting for God.  It is going to take passion and desperation.
  • It is going to take seeking God and searching our hearts.
  • It is going to take rearranging our priorities.
  • It is going to take repentance and humility.
  • It is going to take praying and forgiving.
  • It is going to take loving.
  • It is going to take a divine visitation from God.
  • It is going to take a Holy Spirit Out-Pouring.
  • It is going to take a Pentecostal renewal.

Only God can do what must be done to wake up the Body of Christ.  And when we make our Move, God will make His.


It is time for an awakening




September 15, 2016

Word for Today:  September 15


We have no right to call ourselves something we are not.

If we are calling ourselves “Church” then let’s be the Church.  If we say we are “going to Church” then let’s have Church.    If we are not willing to be the church let’s close the doors and do something else.

If I understand what Church is, Real Church cannot and will not be ignored.

Church is too alive to go disregarded by the world.

  • We have been crippled by “organized religion.”
  • We have been entertained and educated, fed and socialized.
  • We have been patronized and petted.
  • We have been disgraced by thieves who call themselves spiritual leaders.
  • We have been nice and sweet and wimpy in matters concerning hell, the devil and demons as well as Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Manifestations.

Many have been so intent on preserving “order” until every service is controlled and computerized and God is not even given a chance.

Many services have become stereotyped.  Preaching has become professional.  Service time has become show time.  Where is God?  Where is His Power? Where are those who will not let up until they touch the Hem of His Garment?

Selfishness, pride, the lust for power, the love of money and the desire to be seen of men have poisoned good preachers and turned them into false prophets.

Because the church has not been the church, the masses have continually been deceived.   We need some “Ananias and Saphirra meetings.”  We need some “sons of Sceva” services.  We need to shake and quake at the awesomeness of God and fear lest we offend Him.

As I look at the Book of Acts and consider the birth, development and growth of the New Testament Church, I have had to re-evaluate what we are, what we are doing and how and why we are doing it.

“Church” is not church if it fails to comply with the New Testament pattern.





September 14, 2016

Word for Today: September 14


The pattern.

God planned and prepared for His Church to operate in the Power of the Holy Ghost.  He planned for it to function in the continual manifestation of the Glory of God.

The unbelieving world is waiting for the manifestation and demonstration of the Power of the God.

The church of our generation is not The Church if it is not functioning in the Supernatural Power of God.

If we are to continue to do what Jesus began to do, we must have Power.   Holy Ghost Power.  Heaven Power.

We must have it in the Church.

We must have it in us.

There should never be a day in our lives without miracles.

  • There should never be a church meeting without miracles.
  • There should never be a day in our lives without a dynamic confrontation with God as well as with the devil.
  • There should never be church meeting without souls being born again and devils cast out and the sick being healed.
  • There should never be a church meeting without the Gifts of the Spirit being manifested and miracles happening.

There should never be a church meeting without the preacher or the teacher or the Apostle or the Prophet or the Pastor or the Evangelist operating in and under the anointing of the Holy Ghost.  That was the pattern then.


That is the Plan now





September 13, 2016

Word for Today:  September 13


God is moving.

There will be a Quick Work that will leave the world’s head swimming.  It is beginning now.  It will continue day by day.  It will increase.  It will gain momentum.  It will escalate. There will be a crescendo.  There will be a shaking.  There will be a shocking.  There will be an uprising.

Where there has been social and political unrest… there is now an unrest in the Spiritual Realm.  A stirring.  A moving.  A release of Divine Energy.  You feel it.  You feel it here.  You see it.  You see it here.  It is happening NOW.  It is happening across the earth.

All Creation is standing on tip-toe waiting for the Manifestation of the Sons of God:

For the earnest    (anxious and persistent)  expectation of the creature   (the sum or aggregate of things created) waiteth   (assiduously and patiently waiting for) for the manifestation   (manifestation, appearance) of the sons of God. Rom. 8:19

Now, guess who the Sons of God are?  The Church.  You and me (if you are saved).  Those who are Born Again.  The Body of Christ.

And, according to the Word of God, we are going to be Manifested.   Revealed.  Shown and displayed to the entire Creation.  Both animate and inanimate.  To the heavens and to the earth.  To all flesh… believers and unbelievers.  To all races.  Creeds.  Cultures.  To everything and to all things.

The neat thing about all of this is that it is God’s plan.  And it is a Grand Plan.  And there is absolutely nothing the devil can do about it.  It. Will. Happen.

The New Testament Church is where it is happening and the “happening” that is within the Church will surge outward until it breaks forth and every nation and every kindred and every tongue on this planet is covered with the Glory of God.






September 12, 2016

Word for Today:  September 12


Paying the price.

Elisha paid the price.  He met the condition.  He did what he had to do in order to receive his Double Portion.  (2Kings 2:9)  I believe you will, too.  Because this is the one most important thing in your life.  Whatever it takes, you are willing to do.  Forgetting those things that are behind, and reaching forth to those things that are before… you will pay the price.

It may require some purging.  So, get rid of sin.  Get rid of wrong attitudes.  Get rid laziness.  Get rid of criticism.  Get rid of jealousy.  Get rid of greed.  Get rid of lust and loose morals.  Get rid of connections that pull you down.  Get rid of unbelief.

When you pay the price you will be glad you did.  There are more than likely only one or two main obstacles that stand between you and your Double Portion.

You know what you must do.  I believe you will resolve to do it.  Put it behind you.  Put it under your feet.  Put it out of the way.

Nothing is worth missing the Double Portion.

The best time to start is





September 11, 2016


Word for Today: September 11


They may be in the Far Country.

But they Remember.  Just like the prodigal son… they remember how good it was to be in Father’s House.  What they have tasted they can never forget.  And they will return.   You know some of them.  They may a part of your family.

As this universal Pull of the Holy Ghost covers the earth… they will come home.  Again.

What they want the world cannot satisfy.  The flesh is too shallow.  The pleasure is too temporal.  The peace is too fleeting.  There is unrest.  There is dissatisfaction.  There is turmoil in the soul.  There is unhappiness and stress and anxiety.

The backslider will come home.  The wayward will return.  The prodigal will “come to himself” and return to Father’s House.


And we will celebrate

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