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March 17, 2018

Word for Today:  March 17


People want to see Jesus.

The world is tired of seeing Church and Performance and Form and Custom.  They want to see Jesus.  I want to see Jesus.  Jesus has been buried under Religion and the traditions of men and doctrines that have sanitized God and ripped the miraculous out of the Bible.

People are tired of Professional Preachers and Social clubs called churches.     We have kept Jesus covered and hidden by our veneer of hypocrisy.  What we do speaks louder than what we say.  Who we really are is often not what people see.

It is not great preaching that is needed or great preachers…not bigger churches or better facilities…. People need to see Jesus.  People want to see Jesus.  People must see Jesus.  When Jesus is welcomed in our churches… crowds will follow.  Because where Jesus is… God is.  And were God is… the devil isn’t.

And Jesus draws crowds…  not gimmicks, contests, covered dinners, homecomings, band concerts, or free pizza.  It is JESUS that people want to see and it is JESUS that people need.

Only Jesus can change your situation.  Only Jesus can bring you into Victory Living.  Only Jesus can deliver you and make you free.  Only Jesus can satisfy the hunger in your heart.

Only Jesus can give you LIFE.  (John 10:10)


March 16, 2018

Word for Today:  March 19


satan is fighting.

But he is fighting the God in you.  So he is fighting a can’t-win battle.

he is defying the God Who lives in you.  This is the reason the devil hates you… you are where God is.  When he see you he sees God.  When he sees you coming he thinks God is coming.  He hates God and defies God and is terrified of God.

David realized this in his confrontation with Goliath.  He declared:  “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the Living God?”  He did not see a giant.  He saw an opportunity.  He did not say that Goliath was defying the armies of Saul or the armies of Israel… but instead, the armies of the LIVING GOD.

Now, Who is the Champion?  Who is the Stronger One?  Who is the Victorious One?   It is God Who lives in you.  If He wins, you win.  If He can’t lose, you can’t lose.  If He overcomes, you overcome.

If satan is defying the God in you he is also defying the Word of God in you.   The Word has always been the enemy of satan.  The Word busted him and kicked him out of heaven.   The Word “bruised” his head.  The Word keeps him at bay.  The Word continually destroys all his “works.”

Whatever the devil will ever do, can be undone by the Word of God.  Whatever is planned and programmed by the devil can be prevented by the Word of God.

It is the Word that defeats the devil.  satan cannot stand against the Word.  Jesus used the Word on the devil and the devil left Him.  “It is written…” is what Jesus declared to the devil on the mount of temptation.


And the devil gave up and left


March 15, 2018

Word for Today:  March 15


Be Thankful.

Be filled with Praise.  Because God has done, is doing and will continue to do Great Things.  He is worthy of our praise and He is worthy of our Worship.

The Word declares that we are to be Thankful unto Him and we are to Praise His Name.

  • Praise will perfect our faith.
  • Praise will under gird our faith.
  • Praise will activate our Faith.
  • Praise is a demonstration of our Faith.

When we Praise, we believe.  Praise rises out of believing with the heart and all that is within us.  Praise happens when we are confronted with the overwhelming greatness of God.

The rationale behind Praise comes from remembering.  Remembering God’s Intervention and Blessing in the Past….  from experiencing His constant and consistent Presence in the present and from believing and expecting His glorious Promises of things yet to come in the future.

Now, what are we to Praise God for?

Praise Him for what He has done for you….

  • He has made you Righteous.
  • You are continually being conformed to the Image of Jesus Christ.
  • Sin has no control over you.
  • The devil is defeated as far as you are concerned.
  • You are blessed and prospering.
  • Signs, wonders and miracles are for you and for today.
  • You are healed, whole, well and not sick.
  • The Best is yet to come…. His Glory is yet to be fully revealed in you.
  • Heaven is real and Eternal Life is a fact.
  • The Best yet to be.


Praise Him


March 14, 2018

Word for Today:  March 14


The world is in for a shaking.

It is in its infancy now and it will grow in intensity.  It will be good for those who know how to stand and it will be disastrous for those who are weak, uncommitted and carnal and cold.

It will help the church… the True Church.  It will reveal the shallowness and the superficiality of the religious bunch.  Hypocrisy, dishonesty, hidden sin and liars will be shamefully exposed.  Play-like church will not last and men-pleasing preaching will not cut the mustard.

History will be a great stage for the “standers” and the “doers” and the believers.  The staunch and the steady.  The true and the Real.   Change is coming.   Change is going to happen.  It will rise from a whisper to an earth shaking crescendo and Righteousness will Prevail.

History is convulsing.  Governments have failed.  Leaders have fallen.  Nations have collapsed.  Kings have been dethroned.  War threats and accusations are heard on every front.  But the Church is here and the Church has prevailed…  Just as Jesus said it would!  (Mat 16)

The devil is gearing up for a last-ditch effort to deceive the masses before the Grand and Glorious appearance of Jesus on earth!  But all his effort will be futile to those who are anchored in God.



March 13, 2018

Word for Today:  March 13


Knowing is important.

Jesus wants you to know some things.  That is what Preachers and Churches are here for… to tell you things you need to know.  That is why God has given us His Word.

Many today feel that they know enough.  However, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  No knowledge is a deadly thing.  I have heard it said that “what you don’t know won’t hurt you…”  That’s right, it won’t hurt you, it will KILL YOU.

My people are destroyed (perish) for lack of knowledge….  (Hosea 4:6)

Limited knowledge will keep you in trouble all the time.  Full knowledge (revelation that is received and acted on) will guide you into truth and keep you out of trouble.   Wisdom is Godly knowledge properly applied.

Jesus told us that we could know the truth and that the truth would make us free (John 8:32).  Do you want to be free?

“Free” is more than a political or human rights issue.   “Free” is more than a constitutional guarantee.  This is a free nation, but millions are still in great bondage. Multitudes are struggling with and being held captive by demonic forces.

“Free” is knowing the truth.

“Free” is acting on the Truth.

“Free” is receiving and living in what Truth promises and provides.

“Free” is doing the Word and living in Word Promises


March 12, 2018

Word for Today:  March 12


Jesus wants you blessed, free and prospering

He does not want you bound, enslaved, struggling or held captive.   Are you free?  Are you living in the blessings of God?  Are you prospering in everything you set your hand to do?  You may look free but not be free.  You may talk free but still be bound.  You may act free but still be held captive.  Decide to do something about it.

You are the only one (other than God) who really knows if you are free.  Your pastor does not know.  Your neighbors do not know.  Your relatives do not know.  But you know.

  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Are you tired of being weary and frustrated and defeated?
  • Are you ready to be completely released from worry? From anxiety?  From fear?  From depression?
  • Do you sincerely want to be delivered and set free from any and all addictions?
  • Do you want a break-through? Do you want it today?  In your Finances?  In your Family? In your Job?  In your Marriage.  In your Business?

Do you believe you can trust Jesus to tell you the truth?

Will you trust the Word of God to speak Truth to your heart today?

Will you believe the Promises of God?

Will you believe them right now?

Will you act on them today?

Will you risk everything you have to gain everything you need now?


Will you?


March 11, 2018

Word for Today:  March 11

  • The Word Performs.
  • The Word Protects.
  • The Word Perfects.
  • The Word Works.
  • The Word Accomplishes.
  • The Word Produces.
  • The Word Creates.
  • The Word Sustains.
  • The Word is Indispensable to the believer.

The Level of Victory you are experiencing is directly proportional to the amount of WORD that is active in your life.  This is a fixed equation.  Only YOU can change it.

  • The amount of Healing you have is equal to the amount of Word that is active in your life…
  • The amount of Prosperity you have is equal to the amount of Word that is active in your life…
  • The amount of Peace you have is equal to the amount of Word that is active in your life…
  • The amount of Joy you have is equal to the amount of Word that is active in your life…
  • The amount of Faith you have is equal to the amount of Word that is active in your life…
  • The amount of Overcoming power you have is equal to the amount of Word that is active in your life…

All redemptive privileges work proportionally to the level of Word that is active in you.

Whatever revelation you have from the Word is what you will have faith to act on and receive.   Revelation is important because this will determine your level of deliverance.

Knowledge is not enough.  Intellect will not do it.  Revelation is imperative to receiving your deliverance and maintaining it.  Your “Perfection” level will never exceed your Word level.


The Word is Truth and Truth makes you free

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